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Keep Me Chained

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The allegory of the cave by Plato is a theory about human perception. In the allegory, there’s a cave that contains three prisoners that are tied to rocks. Their heads are also tired so they can’t see anything except the wall in front of them. The prisoners have only seen this wall and nothing else, they’ve never seen anything outside of the cave. Behind them is a fire and between that is a raised walkway. People outside of the walkway are casting shadows. The shadows are the only thing that the prisoners are exposed to, not even who is beside them. When people from the outside cast shadows, that is all they see, they’ve never seen real objects. They believed that the shadows they were seeing were ‘real.’ One of the prisoners end up escaping from the ties and leaves the cave into the outside world. He discovers what is out there and can’t believe it. He then realized his former view of reality was wrong. After experiencing the ‘real world’ he returns to the cave to inform them of what he found. They don’t believe them and choose to stay tied.

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In my life where I experienced being in the cave is actually right now. I am in the cave of high school, and have been in the caves of elementary and middle school as well. To me elementary, middle school, and high school are just like upgrades of the so called cave. I’m stuck here, being exposed to education – my teacher’s shadows. Everything I’m exposed to now is what I’m used to. It’s what I know is reality. Being in grade twelve is a massive eye opener, that I’m not sure I’m entirely happy about. Once I step out of high school, I’ll be escaping the cave. At this point in my life I don’t feel like I am the one that escaped yet. I’m more like one of the prisoners that don’t want to believe there is a ‘real world’ out there for me to experience, I’m truly terrified. To be so used to the reality I’m in now is scary, knowing that once I step out of this cave, there’s a whole new perspective of life that I have to then figure out, and find my way in. Not saying that elementary, middle school, and high school, are incorrect views of reality, just a different perspectives. There’s a new frightening outside world that I have yet to experience and to be honest I’m still afraid to have myself untied.

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