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Plato’s Cave: The most adventurous thing I have done.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”- Helen Keller.

Life takes you to many new places, and it is your choice to either achieve your goals or give up. Living in the new middle east for sixteen years was crazy until I moved out. Most people move to a new country with an intention to do something. But for me, I did not have a specific reason to leave home.I have never thought about a world outside Dubai, and it is crazy how I never even thought about moving across the globe just to learn about life.Maybe this would set an example to why I should believe in fate. I was basically stuck up in a cave like the plato’s cave. My life in Dubai was chained to a wall of a cave, Being a sixteen year old then, my life used to be pretty rough, maybe it was just the perspective I chose to view my life or maybe my life really was really rough then. I always used to think that my life would never change, that I would always remain as a sixteen year old. Being a clumsy teenager, I never thought I would really know the meaning of life, Until one day, My mom asked me if I wanted to go to Canada. Living in such a fancy lifestyle and in a desert, moving to North America was a drastic change. There is more to learn in oneself when it comes adapting to an entirely different lifestyle. And I am so glad through this process of learning and adapting I have truly become a different person.This country really changed how I viewed my life. Before I used to think the tall manmade buildings and the golden desert were the most beautiful creations until I chose to step outside my cave and see where my life took me. Throughout the journey of leaving home ( my cave ) I was scared to death as it was such a heartbreak and I did not know if it would be worth all the pain. But then It’s when I stepped out of my cave, I realized that what I thought was my home, was not where I truly where I belonged. This city is unlike any other city, which ever direction I look I see beautiful mountains and trees which gives a bliss of joy. And no matter how shitty a day can go, just by seeing the view outside my window can make me smile. I am very grateful to live in such a wonderful and peaceful country??❤️


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  1. Mr. J says:

    When I used to tutor English-language learners, back before I was a teacher, I would always wind up helping them prepare for their English 12 exam, with its traditional essay portion. Inevitably, I realized that nearly every one of the “original composition” questions revolved around a cliched wise phrase that dealt with learning, growth, identity, or some other universal topic. And so I set about having my students prepare their essay body paragraphs before seeing their tests: “Whatever the topic is,” I would tell them. “Write about moving to Canada.”

    Moving away from your home is a challenging experience (I moved to the southern United States for university – not halfway around the world, but still far from home and to a (somewhat) different culture), but it is one that teaches you a lot about yourself and your relationship with the world. It is important to bring your home with you, and to know that wherever you go, people want the same things in their lives: to be happy, and to feel loved. We are changed, and we are made more firmly ourselves, which is (part of) what Enlightenment is all about.

    Thanks for this post! It is excellent to share in your story and learning.


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