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We Answer Big Questions With an Even Bigger Question

What happens on the after we Die? Is there an after life?

These are the questions that we ask our self, usually at the beginning of our lives or when we lose someone who was very close to us . For millennia this has been a question that no one was able to answer because there hasn’t been anyone that experienced death and come back to life. And even if someone tells us about the experience, we might not believe what they are saying. However as humans we always want to know everything and if we don’t find the answer we will go crazy. For instance, if I put a box in front of you and tell you that you are not allowed to look what is inside it, but tell you that it’s something important, you will immediately start making up ideas that what could be inside of that box is important and you can’t touch it, or why can’t you touch it. This is a very common thing and basically the reason why we know a lot of things about the world: it’s all because of our curiosity. So when it comes to answering questions that have no 100% answer, religions comes in. A good example is the death analogy which each religion has answered it in a different way: Some believe in reincarnation, some believe in heaven and hell, and some believe that there is no after life. Questions like this always lead in to bigger questions that sometimes are even harder to answer, like does god exist? Or what is the point of living when you are going to die at the end anyway? Or perhaps life is just an illusion. The main problem with these questions is that since there is no evidence to prove anything, everything is deniable and acceptable at the same time.

My personal believe is that Heaven, Hell, God, or reincarnation are all made up answers for unneeded questions. The only way we can satisfy our curiosity and explain something so vague, is to answer the question with an answer that is even more vague but enough that makes us stop thinking about that question. An easy way of explaining this is using a math equation. You have a variable which you don’t know what it is so you call it a X and you want to either get rid of it or find its value. Since we can’t find the value we will try to get rid of by canceling it out by adding another X to the other side of the equation so they can cancel each other out, and now you are left with nothing. It’s not an complete answer but it’s good enough to make us stop thinking about it, since we think we have the answer but actually we don’t; we just hide the mess with a blanket.


One Response to We Answer Big Questions With an Even Bigger Question

  1. yuryv says:

    Hey Soheil,

    Wow I found your post very interesting, especially the metaphor you used at the end. Although the after life and algebra are two very different things, it makes sense.
    You say these answers are unnecessary as there is no answer, but do you not agree that we all need hope in times of discrimination, mental health stigma, and racism?

    Although there is no proof that there IS an after life, to me it sure is a nice thought.
    I’m curious as how you would go about finding the answers you suggest we cover with a ‘blanket’, is it through science?

    Cheers, Yury


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