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Discussion on Metaphysics

Metaphysics has always been a hard topic to tackle individually, as theres almost an infinite number of perspectives to look at certain situation- thought is an endless chamber. During my metaphysics discussion in-class, I was able to approach many others regarding their topics on metaphysics and the questions each individual had during their study.

At first, there wasn’t much coherency with conversations that arose in the class, many people had different concepts that they studied and everyone had different central ideas. However, as I approached more people and talked to more people about their metaphysics studies, more  and more connection with connections started to form between my topic and each individual in the class. At the heart of things, everyone was digging into the same beach, all digging for the same treasure, but at different locations on the beach.

There were many memorable topics that I was lucky enough to be in discussion with, but of course like all discussions there were a few memorable metaphysics ideas that stood out to me.

A topic that I was able to relate mine to heavily was Jordan’s topic regarding free will, our ability and power to make choices when we are put into a tight or bad situation. His topic connected with mine as my topic was about determinism and free will is one of the fundamental cores of determinism. We were able to exchange topics and he was also able to add more colour and thoughts into my ideas and broaden my scope of view on metaphysics.

Another really memorable topic for me was Yuri’s topic on life after death. He helped me explore more into the topic of after-life and its existence and the role it plays on our lives. It was a topic that always intrigued me, but was a topic that I did not delve too deeply into as theres no really an answer, theres not really an end to the tunnel, just a mumble of ideas and beliefs all clattered into one pile.

All in all, the metaphysics discussion in class, helped me enrich my topic and also explore more deeply into the subject as whole as I took in the ideas of my peers and helped open chambers inside my mind that I dared not delve into in the past!


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