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Rise of The Philosophy Discussions: the Squeakuel: origins.

Consider this a really tiny volume of memoirs, wherein I discuss only the events that took place in my life at some point probably within the last 14 days. Very specific memoirs.

I was told to have a discussion. So I had discussions.

My discussions were with Mathew Goeslingsonsmithchard( or some name like that. Sounds like gosling but I think that spelled wrong) and Yury lastname.

With Mathew, my explanation and discussions helped make me realize that I don’t really know much about my topic. The field of Artificial Intelligence is impossible to make decisions in, at this time, because its entirely hypothetical. There are no machines lurking on the edge of personhood to discuss as examples, all we have is fiction and concepts.
Mathew questioned our criteria of personhood, and we agreed that neither of us knew in any certainty what made a person, and that we were not qualified to form that opinion.

With Yury, the discussion was different. Yury is a literal chap, and doesn’t much fancy hypotheticals. Our discussion helped reaffirm by beliefs in the right of the person.
I don’t believe that a program regulating timing for mustard dispensers in factories deserves any rights or dignity, but I do think that anything capable of understanding rights, what they are, how they’re valuable and necessary would deserve rights.

Yury’s topic was on afterlife. Afterlife tends to include the soul and a power within.  This brings an interesting point to the question of Artificial Intelligence. Can a machine have a soul? Do androids dream of electric sheep? Is there a power within a person made by hand rather than coitus?

More or less: Whats the dealy-o, huh?

As a little hypothetical imaginatorium tour, do you think the pope will ever sit down with programmers and talk about this? Would every leader of every religion have this discussion, or would some immediately agree or disagree without learning about this?


Okay moving on

this about wraps it up I guess. For the discussions at least.

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