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What in The World are We Doing?

What Were Your Questions Going In

Going into PDO the questions that I had was if we are really here? that was the main type of topic that I wanted to focus on at first but then Mr. Jackson started suggested things then more things and more questions came in my head, so then I thought maybe are there others beside ourselves that can explain and if there were do we believe in it? and then if we are here through fear or emotions or any adversity can our brain still function like they would usually, also would I still be “here” after a certain point in “time”, then that also brings up is there a reason of us being here, and maybe what IF we all looked the same, acted the same, raised the same, went through the same experiences and face the same obstacles and everything, are you realllyyy you? or could anyone be you, or maybe even are you them. Those were basically the questions that I had going in.

What Was Your Plan?

Originally, I had a plan to go to Riverview mental hospital to meditate, most importantly to see if the brain could function if we are feeling “fear” or other feelings. That also testes if our senses could really trusted, because what IF the brain is playing things on you to make sure you don’t find out the answers to any of these questions??? UGHH. BUT even though I had all of that planned out, I eventually ended up going to a forest where I sat next to a river bank flowing through, where which I decided I’m just gonna sit here because it’s sick. So that’s what I ended up doing.

Summarizing What in the World Happened

So, what I got motivated to do what I did was, I was actually on my way to IHOP where it hit me I don’t even need to go to Riverview. Then I just aimlessly drove around Coquitlam for like a half hour thinking about my topic, which then I eventually came upon the playground and remembered there was a lake in the forest, that’s where I then decided to go and meditate. SO I sat there thinking about Descartes and his theory of if I was thinking about something, I’m there and alive. BUT I kind of sat there and thought why in the world are we thinking about these things. and maybe an hour and a bit went by and I still had no idea what in the world I was doing. THEN it hit me like a train wreck, we look too close at things, and the closer we look it seems like the harder the question really is. Which then I finally came to a conclusion of which WE are the ones that create our answers. Things that has been said what is and what isn’t have all been by “HUMANS”. Which then I came to a point in where I feel that Philosophers just come up with conclusions that have a loose ends because they can’t answer that questions either, so the questions that they come up with are such open ended questions I feel is for everyone to help answer it. NOT to question it even more, but to help them come to a conclusion, but because of everyone’s different views we will actually never come to a conclusion and the only answer that we will actually believe in is only the solution that we come up with. Therefore, I believe that we are there, but only really to ourselves and we can’t be certain of anyone else’s existence.



Findings, Discoveries, Artifacts, New Questions?

What my discovery was like I stated above, nothing is really for certain, but the only thing that we are certain of is ourselves. We know that we are there. I have a couple questions that I came up with though, like time, what I mean by that is one time I brought up in class, are we really ever there if after a certain point in time we will die, and eventually be forgotten, then have we really been there? It’s kind of like the same question of if the tree falls and no one is around to hear the sound it makes does it really make a sound.



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