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3D Movies are a Special Kind of Hell For People With Bad Eyesight, and are Unable to Place Clear, Wet, and Cold Hemispheres on Their Pupils

The plan: go out with friends to see a movie, then go get bubble tea after.

The question going in: how am I going to connect this to my topic?

A suggestion: Go read my first article here so you have a chance of making a lick of sense out of this one.

After a long and tiring Friday, me and my friends, Hannah Wood and Hannah Wiebe, all went out to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for Hannah Wood’s birthday. It was a 7:30 showing, and – now this is not something I had known going in – was in 3D. This poses a little bit of a problem, because I wear glasses, and glasses don’t really mix well with 3D movies. You see, since 3D movies require you to wear these weird sunglass-type-things that aren’t compatible with normal glasses, so people like me are forced into a bit of a tough spot. Either you wear your prescription glasses, which would let you see what’s on the screen, or you wear the 3D glasses, which lets you see the movie in 3D, as the name suggests. There are issues with both of these potions, of course. If you wear just prescription, you are able to see the movie, but what you can see is rather odd, since the footage must be altered in order to be 3D when the glasses intended for it are worn, but is nearly unwatchable without them. So why don’t I just wear the 3D glasses, you ask? Well there’s a good reason. Yes, the glasses would allow me to view the movie in 3D, but I wouldn’t be able to see the images being shown very well. There’s a good reason why I wear prescription glasses every day. My vision low-key sucks. So, since both options had major faults, I decided to create a third, rather uncomfortable option, which was to try to balance the 3D glasses on top of my prescription ones, providing me with a proper view of the movie, which was quite good, by the way.

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These are the glasses, the top being my prescription ones, the bottom one being the 3D ones, and also my artifact.


I feel like my dilemma relates to my metaphysical topic in some sort of figurative way. If I was to just wear prescription glasses, it would be like living with just my conscious mind. The screen would be clear and would be presenting information to me, but it would have no dimension to it, and it would appear rather strange. This relates to the conscious mind, because it is the one with seemingly all the information, but would have a lack of dimension and seem a little peculiar without the subconscious as its companion. Now, if I was to just wear the 3D glasses, it’d be like just living with a subconscious. Things would have dimension, but nothing would be clear or specific, or even make sense, really. The only way that the movie could be viewed properly is if, as I mentioned before, if I was to wear both glasses. The same goes for the self. If one was to only have either a conscious mind or a subconscious mind, they would be incomplete. Both are needed to make up the self.

After the movie, me and the Hannahs started making our way to get some bubble tea, having an interesting conversation about Hogwarts houses and Myers-Briggs personality types. The Hogwarts houses are Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor, and, in brief, hold the values of patience and loyalty, creativity and intelligence, ambition and leadership, and bravery and chivalry respectively. The Myers-Briggs personality test is a highly respected test taken by all kinds of people in Canada and the USA, and can create a surprisingly accurate profile for the people that take it according to the four traits they display out of a selection of eight. (You can take the test here)

You can either be:

Introverted (I)        or      Extroverted (E)

Intuitive (N)           or      Sensing (S)

Thinking (T)          or      Feeling (F)

Judging (J)           or      Perceiving (P)

I, myself, am an INTP, meaning I am introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving, and both the Hannahs are INFPs, meaning they are introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving. Now, it does make sense that they would be the same type, not only because of their shared name, but also because they do have noticeably similar personalities anyway. However, what I find is interesting is that they belong to different Hogwarts houses, one being a Hufflepuff, the other being a Slytherin. This got me thinking about how people can have different core values, but the same personality type, and also about people with different personality types having core values in common. It may be reasonable to say that if a study was done, there may be trends showing greater or lower numbers of certain personality types in particular houses, but there would probably be a great deal of outliers. My own particular house is Gryffindor, but I would bet that there would be quite a few people with my personality type that would be in Ravenclaw. Now that it’s been established that people with the same personality type can have different core values, let’s talk about people with different personality types with the same core values. One good example is the famous trio: Ron, Harry, and Hermione. Each one of them has a drastically different personality type, but share in common the core value of bravery, which placed them in the house of Gryffindor. I might say that, though certain core values do influence people’s personalities, it is rather minor, and there are a lot more to people than just their Hogwarts houses.

I would love to learn more about personalities, and how they relate to core values. I feel like these things relate to my topic about the conscious and unconscious mind, the personality connecting to the conscious mind, and the core values connecting to the subconscious mind, and I certainly have more questions to explore about this topic. But that’ll have to wait until next time.


This is S.E Doyle signing off!


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