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Phil’s Day Off

Going into “Phil’s Day Off”, I had personal questions about my faith like, ‘How do we know what religion is the REAL religion?’ or ‘How do we know God is really there?’. I’ve had these questions or “doubts” as some might say, since I was a little kid. I was born into a very religious Shia Ismaili Muslim family. I was enrolled in a religious school at my mosque when I was at the young age of 4 years old. The class that I attended every Saturday morning was a mandatory thing in my family. I would say that yes I was raised and taught to believe what my parents believe, religion wise, without the experience of any other religion in my life. Although I was born into the religion of Islam and I’ve learned quite A LOT about my own religion , and now that I’m older and I’ve learned to an extent about other religions, I can finally say that I proudly am a true believer of my religion and there’s nothing I value more than my religion (except for my family). But can a self-proclaimed ‘true believer” still have doubts?? I definitely do but does that automatically make me a ‘non-believer’? or is it normal to have questions??

My plan for P.D.O. at first was non-existent because I had no idea what to do that had a relation to my religious and personal question (definitely couldn’t use this project as an excuse to go watch a movie because I have brown parents). So at first I was thinking of just going to the mosque on the weekend but I go almost everyday so that wasn’t very original. Being the brown girl that I am, meaning that I come from 2 very brown strict people that I call my parents, I had to think of something that wasn’t too extraordinary to do (according to my parents, b/c going out on the weekends isn’t an option in my household when I could be doing extra homework!!!!). Then I realized that i could go back to my religion class. After grade 9, I stopped attending the weekly religious classes due to work on the weekends, but I thought that this would’ve been a great opportunity to get back at it!

As I walked into the class, it was super awkward because I barely knew anyone but I got over it and continued to stay focused for the reason why I was there… to learn. I was planning to ask my questions hoping they would get answered but the teacher already had a lesson planned for the day so unfortunately my questions did not get answered. Even though my goal of getting my long over-due questions answered did not happen, I still learned a lot. We were learning about the Ummaayyad Empire and the different “political parties” at the time that and how their views of Islam were very different. there were the ‘Kurjia’s’ , the ‘murjia’s’ the ‘Umaayyads’ (who were in power at the time) and the ‘non-arabs’. We discussed the different views of each group of people and how they imputed  their faith in ruling the country. We compared these groups of people to modern day rulers and how they were similar. This class was very intriguing and I hope to attend more classes in the future. The object that I brought back with me on Monday, was a worksheet that we worked on in that class. We had to read a few pages from a textbook and answer the questions on the sheet. this sheet summed up what we learned that day very well and I thought it would do a good job at describing my day. AND THE END.


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