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Phil’s Day Off // Do Spirits Have Consciousness?

Tying my topic together with Sam’s, I have a few questions about the aftermath of death. They say that the spirit leaves the body when your life has come to an end. Is the soul considered the same as the conscious? After a researching through a couple websites, there are some that state that “At death, it is not the body but the soul that is separated from the body.” The question that pops up into mind when I read that statement is… How would you go about proving that?

Reading, listening, and talking about various different opinions has really differed my thoughts while also making me really confused. If spirits really do come back from the dead, what does that mean? Do they have a conscious – is that your conscious coming back? Your initial answer might be no, because they are not a Being. So are they just a being? Or would they even be considered one of the two? They wouldn’t be able to feel anymore cause they don’t have a physical body in order to feel, but consciousness means to feel emotionally right? Can they feel emotions.. Or is that not a part of it anymore either?

An extremely powerful statement I saw on one of the websites was : It begins with a moment of detachment from the body, yet a continued consciousness. People who have gone through a near death experience say that they go through a tunnel of a life review. Meaning when the brain dies; it no longer needs the electrical, chemical, and oxygenation. Our conscious is such a strong power that we hold. Do you ever go to a certain location and it reminds you of a good or bad memory? Or how about a particular scent that has brought you back to a certain moment in your life? If we were to consider the association between spirits and consciousness, we are to think in the terms utilizing an energy that is against the principle of creating energy – meaning utilizing energy.

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Verification is unfortunately not an option for the information and descriptions for existence and/or the nature of the soul. We’ll never know if any of our research is correct, close to correct, or if it’s completely incorrect. Only spirits know the accurate, concrete, and verifiable information. Could you imagine if we could contact the dead? Communicating with what’s still unknown – we would have an overwhelming load of questions. Not only will we gain a whole new level of knowledge on something that we assume(d) would be a mystery forever, we will solve so many untold stories along with solving cases that was initially supposed to remain unknown.

I searched up what people considered the difference between spirit and consciousness was and here’s one from Joe Swiney: “Consciousness is the central point from which you as an individual experience your existence. Your body is the assembly or apparatus through which this experience is channeled to your consciousness. Spirit is a hypothetical body constructed from a thus far unverified substance that operated in parallel to your body and that can allegedly persist after the body has died.”

All in all, I’ve learned that some questions in the world.. we’ll never have the answer to. But as humans, we are curious and hungry for information – always wanting to know the next big thing, always wanting to discover. I found the topic of afterlife really intriguing because there is no right answer. It’s simply theoretical and completely based off your thoughts. With such a wide topic, we can go about it from different perspectives and expand our area of learning. We know the first 2 stages of death, but afterlife is unknown and will always be unknown. Or maybe it doesn’t even exist. We continue to explore for answers that will never be proven.


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