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Existence? (Class Discussion) by Ashlee

On Thursday our group was united with the correlating theme of existence. Our subtopics like free will, dreams, source of knowledge, and many other topics that came up all had the overarching umbrella of tracing back what we’ve become numb to. I spoke to Martin, Lyle, Jason and Jamie who all embraced the metaphysical side of our daily lives-our dreams, our decisions, and our source of knowledge. The captivation of the main idea rooted from our ideas revolving around: reasons and/or purpose of existence, knowing our foundation of knowledge, free will, and the existence of God (questioning Descartes’s logical syllogism proving that God exists). These new ideas influenced my inquiry in letting me discover the multiple layers in the concept of free will and determination.

I was quite intrigued by the topics Jamie opened up to us; he discussed Descartes’s point contradicting to himself; it was interesting to think that there was an existence of fine line between a superior being and a famous philosopher’s long lived supposition.

Our discussion about free will and our amount of authority or control to be able to make decisions eventually lead us to question: is there a superior being? There was an ultimate parallel theme of our decisions either being made by a “superior being” or us humans, as well as any other biological beings (Being?) on this planet having the freedom to make our own choices.

The questions that lead us to ponder endlessly lead us in asking much more, including:

  • Can god be proven logically?
  • How do we know we aren’t all flashbacks?
  • Is there a definition between free will and complete lack of freedom? Is there a line that gets drawn?


After the question that had much depth and critical thinking, it definitely guided me in a direction of interest towards religion and religious beliefs.  Do religions value the concept of determinism or free will, and whichever their conclusion is; do they believe that our freedom is jeopardised by a superior being? From the surface all the topics mentioned above seem to have vast distinctions, yet, when pondered further and analysed thoroughly, they all rather have many overlapping concepts that all goes back to the question of existence.


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