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Discussions on Metaphysics

Before Phil’s day off, I was in a group with Martin, Anusha, and Sara. We didn’t exactly have the discussion that was supposed to take place, however I did encounter some new opinions and perspectives that will ultimately help me with my topic for metaphysics which is whether the physical universe is dependent on the existence of an intangible creator.

We started off our conversation by talking about our topics and why we chose them. Sara’s topic is on the unconscious and conscious mind, Martin’s topic is about how we know the things we know, and Anusha’s topic is determining why the “right” religion is. Since my topic is also related to religion, I wanted to hear more about Anusha’s ideas, so we began talking about our own personal experiences with religion and why we chose to study our topics. From here, the conversation moved to trying to answer questions that no one can answer i.e. how the world was created. We basically discussed everything that I have been thinking about while researching my topic- which was awesome because everyone was just as bewildered and confused as I have been for the past couple of weeks. All in all, our group kind of went off on a tangent, however I think these kind of conversations where everyone is honest, genuinely curious, and excited to discuss different topics is very valuable. Im glad I got a chance to participate :)


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