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Phil’s Day off: A journey among different Religions

This past weekend of events has taken me on a very interesting journey which I have never taken before. This past Sunday morning took a different route when I realized that I had to do something that would take me away from my ordinary life; something allowing me to view different metaphysical questions I had stirred in my mind before. My question that I wanted to study and analyze more in depth was “Does your religion play a role in what happens to you after death?” I had a lot of interest in this topic for a while now ever since we had to study each and every religion in middle school, allowing me to understand the way people live their lives through spirituality.

Religion is part of the human make-up. It’s also part of our cultural and intellectual history. Religion was our first attempt at literature, the texts, our first attempt at cosmology, making sense of where we are in the universe, our first attempt at health care, believing in faith healing, our first attempt at philosophy.

-Christopher Hitchens

I had planned to go to a church, or a Sikh Temple and view the different orders, instructions and listen to the different teachings and practices that the different religions had offered, but I wanted to do something that was more personal to me and the different people in these religions I was interested in. During my Phil’s day off I decided to interview 2 different people of different religions (Buddhist, and Sikhism) to see what their views were their own religion, morals, and mainly their views on the afterlife and what they believe I going to happen.

Person #1 : Harveen Brar

Religion: Sikhism

The first person I interviewed would be my dear friend Harveen Brar who told me a lot about her religion of Sikhism and how her life may have been different than others of different culture

Q1: What do you think is different or special about Sikhism?

Answer: “Well I believe that Sikhism differs from any other religion, Sikhs believe everyone, men, and women, has equal status before God and we are encouraged to develop our moral character through generosity, humility, and self-reliance. Also, we are taught that “Sikh” means ” The seekers of knowledge” which I always remember to this day”.

Q2 : What morals have you been taught or followed through your religion?Image result for sikhism

Answer: ” Well we have a lot of morals and values that are represented in our life but the way we view war and violence would be one that’s very distinct to my religion. Sikhism views war and violence as something that should not happen, instead of war there should be peace instead.


Q3 : What do you believe happens to you in the afterlife?

Answer: “Well Sikhism stresses living your life to the fullest and getting everything possibly out of it, so what my religion teaches and what i believe is that nothing happens to you after you die. The life you live or in this case have lived is the only life that you get and once its done its simply over; nothing follows.”

Person 2 : Martin Norman

Religion : Buddhism

Q1 : What do you think is different or special about Buddhism?

Answer: ” i think we look at the brighter sides of life and more positive outcomes to different things and situations. When i lived in Thailand when i was younger it was mandatory for the boys to train and live as monks for at least 2 weeks or serve in the military to show your commitment and loyalty to the religion”Image result for buddhism

Q2 : What morals have you been taught or followed through your religion?

” Buddhism really relies on again as i have said before “The brighter side of things” because we are taught to almost be the best person we can be and to never take anything for granted. We don’t really necessarily have morals that we follow but rather they are called teachings which are taught to us at a very young age; take in and appreciate everything around you”

Q3 : What do you believe happens to you in the afterlife?

” Buddhism teaches us that when we die we will be reincarnated. Reincarnation is when you die your soul moves on and relocates into a new “being”, so what I’m trying to say is once i die i believe that my body will perish but my soul will move on into something else. I’m not too sure what that something else might be, though, i still think about that today.”



My Phils day off was a huge eye opener to me because it allowed me to see different views and teaching of both Buddhism and Sikhism which are very different from my religion of Christianity. Allowing me to hear the different beliefs really made me question my own beliefs because for instance i really believe and agree with the whole idea of “Reincarnation” in the religion of Buddhism, I really believe that our souls do pass on into someone or something else but its hard to prove any of the beliefs. My question of “Does your religion play a role in what happens to you after death?” simply cannot be answered due to no proof or human experience that has dealt with this subject. I believe that whatever plan or route you may believe in is the one you are going to take but simply no one knows, all we can do for now is wait (hopefully for a very long time) and find out for ourselves when the time come.



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