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A How-To Guide On Getting A Virtual Girlfriend

I had absolutely no plan going in to this -my original topic was on the self and how it related to virtual reality – and there wasn’t anything even related to virtual reality in Vancouver. I was originally going to do the exact opposite of anything virtual on my day off, and spend a day without any technology whatsoever. The only questions I had going in to it were to find my personal definitions between Being and being. I wanted to find a way to put both ways of being into worlds, as well as to have a good base to look back on whenever I wrote the day off post. I managed to stumble across a Playstation VR booth by accident last weekend and patiently waited in line behind a dude who was passionately talking to his girlfriend about Pokemon. I eventually was able to put the headset and goggles on, but it made me feel like I was wearing the worlds weirdest hat. It was unbalanced and heavy and made me feel a little self conscious, because I had absolutely no idea how weird I looked with weird futuristic robot skii goggles on. I was also handed a pair of the hand tracking Move controllers, but my hands didn’t show up on the screen like they could in other games, which totally sucked.

me bout to slide in to the virtual dms

The demo gave you a ton of games to play from, but I chose Wayward Sky, an adorable and colorful puzzle / point and click game (that was probably meant for kids) set in some sort of mechanical fortress. I felt weird sitting down and playing it, like I was on the worlds worst roller coaster. I had the overwhelming feeling that I should stand up and move, and I felt like I was five seconds away from tipping over on my chair and falling on the floor in front of a small crowd. I don’t really know whether I was Being or being in this virtual world, but I know I was basically being a complete idiot.

During the virtual reality demo, I kept in the back of my mind if I was Being or being. Unless virtual reality becomes way more immersive in the future, it’d be hard to mentally separate yourself from your body and to fully immerse yourself in any world. I was aware that I was in virtual simulation, but I still knew I had a physical body and wasn’t Being in the virtual world either – just in this horrible purgatory between the two where I was fully aware of both and exactly what was happening. If you’re physically in one world but mentally in another, you’re still the same person – your mind and body are still the same, and your soul (if you believe we have one) would be connected to your thought process and your mind would pass to the virtual world. You’d still be able to Be in the virtual world, but you’d not be the same person.


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