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David’s guide to turning the straight guy!

Now, you may all be wondering what does the homosexual agenda has to do with Plato’s Cave; and to answer your question, I don’t really know. All I know is in the seventh grade I made the terrible, terrible mistake of coming out to my very christian family! However there is a twist to this story! Surprisingly, despite my current knowledge of the ever so growing LGBTQ+ issues, my poor adolescent mind at the time didn’t even know what  being “gay” was!

In all seriousness, me coming out is my Plato’s cave because it was really a moment in my life that I really felt like I was experiencing something new, with my very own cave people to try and kill me.

My Chains and Shadows

Maybe a bit dramatic, but at the time me being in the closet was kind of like being in the cave. Because I didn’t know what being gay was considered wrong by some, I lived my life with this false allusion about the world. My reality was very different from the reality others were living and if I’m honest, the idea scares me now. I was metaphorically chained to this wall of false acceptance and I was so naive I believed it.

“Coming out”

Ironically enough, this title perfectly suits the next step. You see, the cave was my very own closet. Much like most this “closet” was dark and isolated from reality; but it also felt safe and comforting. After coming out I realized that the world wasn’t as kind as I thought it was. It was full of assholes and people who let their own beliefs interfere with mine. However, it was also refreshing. After a while, I realized how nice it was to really see what the “real world” was like. Yes it had its challenges, but I learned a lot more and I got to experience things in the light, rather than the dark.

Saying Hello

Unfortunately as much as I loved having everyone know my sexuality, it had its drawbacks. Similar to the man in Plato’s cave, I had my own group of murderous insiders. I had people fight me tooth and nail and stupidly I kept trying to fight back. Fortunately me not dying in the process made me who I am today. I learned the precious lesson that I can live in my own world, and that it’s not my place to change how other view theirs. Overall, despite having this in super late, I really enjoyed doing this assignment. It gave me a chance to look back at my own life in my changed perspective and for that I’m grateful.



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