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Epistemolgy Midterm: Knowledge

Premise 1: Knowledge is acquired through exposure to concepts.
Premise 2: Knowing of concepts demonstrates possessing the idea but does not completely demonstrate ‘knowing’.
Conclusion: Knowledge is tested by responding to new situations by applying concepts from past experiences.

Although quite vanilla, my view on knowledge is on the extreme-empiricist view of things. My knowledge of this topic (hehe) can be understood by using the example of elementary school ideas and how they correlate to future concepts that now young-adult me faces. In grade 3 we began learning basic math and multiplication tables, although I did not quite understand why, it was our teachers responsibility to tie in concepts such as apples or sandwiches to the numerical values in order for us to understand.

A philosopher who shares my way of thinking is the same philosopher who we have been learning about in class, Immanuel Kant. Kant proposed that:

“Reason itself is structured with forms of experience and categories that give a phenomenal and logical structure to any possible object of empirical experience”

Responding to future situations:

Fast forward to many, many years later (wow I feel old) I can do all sorts of math. Heck, I’m learning how to calculate compound interest on a $800K mortgage payment, how much it will be worth 12 years later at an annual interest rate of 4.5%. A drastic difference from when Bob gave Sandy a quarter of his sandwich and I had to figure out how much of his sandwich he had left. But if I was not exposed to those basic concepts as a child, is it possible I could rely only on reason or logic and wing it? most likely not. If it was not for all those walks to the grocery store, having to budget using the basic math skills that I was taught; there is no way I could understand all the key factors of what makes a complicated equation.

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