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How do we know that we know?

P1: People tend to learn more when they talk to others and share it’s ideas. You get more knowledge from talking to people

P2: When you travel you meet new people and you learn new things. You are improving to learn something different so you expand your knowledge.

Conclusion: You acquire knowledge by talking to people and travelling

Knowledge comes from travelling, talking to different people and getting experience by trying new things. Since we were born we learn different things every day. We learn the meaning of a new word and the utility of a new object. Everyone has knowledge about something and we end up sharing knowledge with others. We go  to school and we get to learn things every day. Different subjects and concepts. Every human being has a different kind of knowledge, sometimes you know more about material things and some people know more about feelings and ideas. It depends on your experiences and your mind. I don’t know much about knowledge I think it’s a huge topic to talk about, however I do think that most of our knowledge comes from talking to people and travelling. I mean of you course you get knowledge by going to school and learning actual subjects and stuff or you could just use your brain and reason to figure out things, like when you know that you shouldn’t jump from the top of a mountain because you would get killed, those things we just know. But I do believe that when you talk to people and share ideas you are increasing your personal knowledge. You create arguments and you become wiser, also you can see different points of views and make new connections about what you know. Also when you travel you are getting more experience and learning new cultures. You have contact with a different place where you will learn new ideas and things. For example when you travel (It doesn’t need to be a fancy trip as going to Europe any trip counts) you get to learn a new point of view of things, you might see different buildings, clothes, food, cars and people. The way that they live or talk might be different as well and you end up getting a little bit of this. You can learn a new language or even learn a different way to answer questions. I mean sometimes the answers are always the same (like math) but there’s more than one way to get to the answer, so sometimes you just learn new ways to do things. It’s crazy how you can learn so much from people who are different from you. Also when you think about culture you realize that there’s so much to learn, like expressions and habits. I feel that everything that we do becomes knowledge. The more you live the more you will learn. So it doesn’t matter if you had good or bad experiences you will always get something from it. However you will never be able to have knowledge about everything.

How do we know it? Honestly I think we don’t, like there’s no way to prove that we know things, even if we have evidence we won’t be 100% sure. I feel that old people know more than young people because they lived more than us, but I don’t think that they can prove everything that they  know. Of course most of things that we know are true because it was proven, we believe it and we can justify our arguments. Like we know that the earth is round. My statement is based on the fact that we learn from travelling and talking to people but how do I know it? It’s my opinion but I think I’m right because usually people who travel more tend to have a greater knowledge about things as opposed to people who doesn’t travel. Also when you meet people and share ideas you learn more about things which makes you become wiser. You have solid arguments and you also have more information about things. I mean when you don’t know how to do something and you ask someone for help you are getting your knowledge from someone else’s knowledge. And by travelling your experiences will determine your knowledge. However you will always learn something and add your personal belief into it because you have your own opinion and reasonable thoughts. So yes I’m saying that you improve your knowledge by talking to people and traveling, but I’m not saying that you will know everything, the fact that you can get more knowledge doesn’t make you able to answer every single question that exists.

I didn’t get my premises from other philosopher’s ideas however some of my beliefs relates with their ideas. My favorite philosopher is Kant I like the way the he sees things and talk about them. He’s ideas of knowledge are very interesting and his argument that we get knowledge from experiences matches with my ideas of learning. I think that knowledge comes from experiences as well. Also he has the method of classifying knowledge as something that we sense or that we use our intuition. He believes that we use our reason to believe in something and consider it true. We have to justify our ideas and prove that they are right. So in my opinion we have something in common, however he wouldn’t agree with my argument that we get knowledge by sharing ideas and talking to people, he might agree with the travelling part but I feel he would say that getting knowledge from people wouldn’t be solid enough to say it’s true. Kant was a great guy and I really like his concepts of life. He has strong arguments and good examples of getting knowledge but I do think that we can learn from more ways not specifically from experiences, there’s other ways to become wiser.

My concepts from knowledge came from my personal life, I realized that I learned more when I started traveling. I learned different cultures, languages and concepts. I became a new person. I got experiences and now I know so many things and I keep learning every single day. You read different things, you watch a movie and listen to a song, you end up learning new things and getting different ideas. Your mind change, you become more mature and you have so many things to share with people. When I argue with people or when I talk to people that I never talked before I always learn new ideas and see things with a different perspective, also I learn more about a specific topic and I get more information about it. When you have a “combo” between travelling and talking to people your mind get up grated you become wiser and more experienced. Your actions and situations will determine your knowledge and how you see the world. Concepts might change during your life and you will add experiences, reason, knowledge and people’s ideas into one thing which will become your knowledge.




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