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Say Hello to Knowledge.

The most powerful tool we all have is our knowledge that could conquer the world.

   P1:Experience is our main source of knowledge

P2:Time influences what our knowledge means to us by combining with new experiences, and thoughts about old experiences.

Conclusion: Knowledge is our experience filtered through time.

The “know” in the word  knowledge itself describes that it’s something you are aware of through observation, inquiry or information. Knowledge is something you acquire throughout the journey of life. Personally, I believe this life on earth is a preparation to learn and acquire more knowledge in order to do better in life after death. Our experiences tend to be our teacher, which push us along the thin vertical line of life. Knowledge is all in the air, we can gain it anywhere. The learning process in a person’s life never really stops and that’s why knowledge tends to be suspended along our experiences.Time tends to be a great factor that influences our knowledge. The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future as a whole contributes to a lot of our learning through which knowledge is produced. I personally think knowledge can be divided into two categories: Direct knowledge and Indirect knowledge. Indirect knowledge is something that is taught by means of communication, practical understanding of a subject,

example 1: A teacher explaining the class the consequences of Tsunami ( knowledge passed by oral communication) -books and other proven facts

Direct knowledge could be certain life events or experiences that teaches you the natural way to explore your learning and understanding.

Example 2: Victims of Tsunami would have a knowledge about the consequences of tsunami,as they have been there and has experienced it rather than implying.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, time is a major factor which plays a role in the evolution of our knowledge. Mostly by using our old experiences/ knowledge to learn something new, this goes on like a cycle. This is how we grow, explore our abilities, disabilities and make the world a better place to live in. My premises basically focus on our experiences and time that act as a building block of knowledge. My life itself sets an example; I can strongly support my premises by my experiences, my life events that taught me a lot of new things and my knowledge that has shaped me to become a better citizen of the world.



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