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Epistemo(il)logical arguments: Experience & Reason, Truth, Language, Immaterialism, Constructs, and Common knowledge

That thumbnail. Please watch out for the volume on your headphones – there is some loud static when I move the camera around.

This video holds my current views on knowledge ~ where it is, what it is, how we have it. I want to put some thoughts and syllogisms down here as well, as once I was finished recording I realized that not everything had been included despite my best efforts.

  • Thoughts:
    • We can prove that we have knowledge.
      • Knowledge is necessary to predict outcomes
      • We can predict outcomes
      • Therefore, we have knowledge
    • Knowledge is a set of assumptions, beliefs and understandings.
  • Syllogisms:
    • The experience + reason = knowledge equation
      • Experience is inseparable from senses
      • Consciousness requires senses
      • Reason requires consciousness
      • Knowledge requires reason
      • Therefore, knowledge requires experience
    • Truth in matter
      • Action must be driven by something
      • Knowledge only drives conscious action
      • Therefore, something that is not knowledge drives unconscious action
        • Lets call it Truth!
        • Unconscious action: a heart beating, a rock being, etc etc


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The philosophy 12 block two class, with special mention to Eric Jang, Emma Field, Emma Juergensen, Oscar Waizel.

Jackson Parsons, Nadia Hakeem, Connor Attridge.

Zoe Fajber, Shelli Fajber, Will Fajber.

Bryan Jackson.

Immanuel Kant, Rene Descartes.

Post-modernism (scientific philosophy reading package.)



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