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The positive aesthetic experience is concentration on an experience in which there is no desire for greater control of the experience. Distance from the ability to resolve desires, questions, and pain – in other words, lack of control in a situation – has been the cause of much aesthetic expression and expression. The positive aesthetic experience is often simply an acceptance of input through the senses, and a savoring of what that input causes in you as it echoes in the brain.

“The Aesthetic Experience” reading

What is art?

I think art is an opportunity to express our individual interaction with the world in a form that can be perceived and experienced by others. Art communicates a creator’s ideas, emotions, and sensitivity to their experiences. I think it can be defined as a manifestation of creative intention and internal expression to reveal visual elements of an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and unique experience in the environment you might share. I like to think art is not limited to the materials we label for its creation, that it can live in the process of our experiences, like finding floating animals in the clouds, or even recognizing artistic value in something that is not necessarily beautiful according to personal criteria on what we classify as beautiful.

What is beauty?

Beauty is a quality or state of being which pleases just by being perceived. It appeals to the senses and is attractive to the perceiver who finds it beautiful. Art and beauty are both subjective and conflicting experiences are inevitable because of natural factors that affect our individual interaction with what is being presented.

What is an aesthetic experience?

An experience which is enhanced by active awareness and concentration to increase receptivity and sensitivity to the natural flow of events, and being liberated from the desire to control the situation.

Over the break, my first aesthetic experience was going out in the snow with my camera to film nature and experience the silence. This experience was similar to Phil’s day off, but I didn’t have to rush back home and melt in front of the fireplace for half an hour. On my walk, I remembered when I was in India four years ago and I was so uncertain about my future, I would have never expected to witness a fusion of white and gold as the sun slowly sank into the snow. This experience allowed me to reflect on the unpredictable nature of life and my development as an individual through these inescapable changes.

My second aesthetic experience was going to Lafarge lake with my family. I brought my camera with me and filmed the lights, but impatient as they are my family told me to meet them in front of the fisherman smurf when I was done. I enjoyed this experience too, I was definitely more prepared with my three layers of socks. When I reached the blue smurf my family wasn’t there so I assumed they were probably waiting for too long and decided to move on. I walked around the lake twice through the caterpillar tunnel and the rings as I filmed the lights but I still couldn’t find them, so I walked to the car and there they were. When I got home I didn’t immediately download the footage which I regret because the next day I was filming my video essay for UBC and accidentally erased it all to free up space on my memory card.

My third aesthetic experience was spending new years’ eve with my friends. We made a plan to have breakfast, take the skytrain to Enchant christmas, see the fireworks at 9, have dinner, watch a movie, and fireworks at midnight. Unfortunately, we didn’t accomplish everything because we didn’t expect to waste an hour replacing my broken umbrella at London drugs and buying new shoes for my friend who didn’t realize how much of a hazard it would be to wear heels in this weather. When we reached Enchant it was a little disappointing but we still enjoyed walking around together and taking pictures, and I managed to get some shaky footage as well. Our favourite part about this experience was entering one of the tents in enchant to find a massive human size heater which we stood in front of for a while de-numbing our bodies. After Enchant, we went to see the fireworks at 9, and walked to a small Italian restaurant which was a little too far away. After dinner, we decided to skip the movie and the countdown because going home would be a real challenge with the long lines for the skytrain and the possibility of missing the last bus at 1:15. This aesthetic experience was an adventure and a nice end to 2016, and for my artefact I made a little video of our experience at Enchant christmas.

Through these experiences I learned that any experience can be an aesthetic experience through active concentration and an acceptance of the events that occur. I also learned that going out with the intention to have an aesthetic experience affects the actual quality of the experience because it increases flexibility in our ideas of what we perceive as art and beauty when we experience it.

my personal aesthetic perspective:


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