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Afraid of the Light (Plato’s Cave) – Matthew Gosselin

I spent a long time thinking about Plato’s Cave, and from many different aspects. I could say that I have turned a new leaf in my life, and now have learned to appreciate nature to the fullest. I won’t. I could say that, because of my suffusing independence, I have broken free from my shackles and now take the reins, leading the path I want to. I won’t. I could say that I’ve finally understood what it means to be human, vulnerable, and have flawed belief and intellect. I won’t. Why? I don’t want to say something that’s not true to me, no matter how wonderful the words may look on the page. That would only tighten my shackles. Currently, I am staring blank-faced at the shadows being portrayed in front of me. They’re vivid, and the mindless zombies beside me agree on that. I have many friends that come visit as well, and share great tales of the land “outside.” I listen, and out of the corner of my eye I can see the light leading up the stairs and away. These shadows are fake. I know that.

The problem is that I’m too scared to take those steps, and the shadows are too comfortable, real or not. I purposefully remain indolent and seemingly oblivious to the truth that is mere paces away. To be honest, I can’t take more than a step towards the light without losing all self-control and lamenting over the futility of being alive on Earth. I, along with many others, pretending to ignore the hollowness in my chest and to distract myself with any activity possible to avoid passive thought. One thing that I’ve never been able to do was find incentive or self-determination to complete my work. Maybe this is a step closer to the exit, maybe it’s not, or maybe I’ll trip and stumble back to where I sat shackled.

The only goal I have is to someday live without fear of the light. I’ll step outside, sigh peacefully, and say to myself, “I’m happy.”

Matthew Gosselin

Artisan of Metaphors


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