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Aesthetic experience: Nice conversations and Music

Define personal aesthetic perspective:

What comes to mind when trying to put criteria on an aesthetic perspective for me is really just something that’s emotionally charged and requires concentration.

Describe your holiday experience(s) as examples of this aesthetic:

1. Listening to music while bussing home and looking at the snow outside. It felt like a particularly good song at the time and it some combination of it and the scenery seemed to make me happier and motivated to do something for a few minutes. In that way it was emotionally charged. There wasn’t much thinking about the past as it happened, wasn’t a lot of coherent thought in general, and thoughts went more toward just following along with the song. Part of my questions were if you had awareness of past and future during the experience, and in this particular experience I didn’t really have it. I was still aware of myself though, because I remember trying not to smile randomly since I wasn’t alone.

(The idea of not being aware of past and future/loss of self-consciousness comes from Csikszentmihalyi’s criteria for the flow experience.)

2. Second experience was a fun conversation I had with friends that I hadn’t spoken to for a while. It’s rare that we all get together in a skype call and talk. This met my criteria by being emotionally charged and requiring concentration. I knew I was aware of the past though, because during the conversation we mentioned things that happened in the past. I was also aware of myself as a separate being, because I couldn’t have participated in the conversation otherwise.

When talking about aesthetic experiences what comes to mind first is usually my memories of viewing art. Mostly animated music videos, where something about the music and the gesture work makes me happy and excited to see more. I often seek them out, and one of the ones I came across that had me watching on repeat was this one:


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