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Lost In Platos Cave

Platos cave, a theory thought up by one of the forefathers of Grecian philosophy, Plato (hence the name). Refers to the entrapment, or closed mindedness, of oneself, within ones mind. The theory has been posed as a question in this assignment and I truthfully do not know how to answer. On the one hand, I’d love to talk about how free and open I am, how mentally I am on a whole other plain of being, however if i say that i know that i’m not being honest, with myself. Another potential route I could say, is that, i’m chained to the wall, i’m beyond a slave to my own psyche and there’s no way of me getting out of these shackles any time soon, however i do not feel like that’s necessarily true either, I feel that, although, i might be leaning more so towards this side of the spectrum, I do not know if i’m fully in this category either.

Platos analogy is meant to recount the struggles that philosophers went through during that day and age, following the rules of philosophy, rather than the rules of the Monarch, sharing their findings with the public, however with the public being too stubborn, and content with their ignorance, they wouldn’t listen, and they’d turn down philosophers, and sometimes even sentence them to death, the philosophers, being the prisoners that were able to escape the cave and learn about the real world, awakening their senses and learning about what the real world is, ever so slightly narcissistic but i suppose that comes with the whole “my philosophy is the best philosophy.”

With all that being said, i feel like for me, i’m in a weird in between phase. Imagine you just woke up, and you have a really bad knot in your neck, and you can still function and do things, it’s just you can’t really look too far to one side or else it hurts, but you can see just enough to where you can still go out and have a regular, to a certain extent, day, that’s where i’m at. I feel as if though, i’m not the most open, i’ll be honest, most of this world that is philosophy confuses me, and it’s all new and strange, uncharted territories, however, i feel as if though, throughout the course of this semester, i’ve been expanding on my philosophical vocabulary and slowly, as the knot in my neck “unwraps” itself, and i slowly, yet surely, get back my full range of motion, i can see more of the world around me, and i know that it’s not the most progress, nor is it, a life changing story by any means what so ever, but that’s where i am, looking at the wall, but anxious to turn around, and i really do hope that one day, I will be able to go all the way, break free from the chains, and breath in the fresh air outside the cave.


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