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Aesthetic Experience- Sushi Virgin

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How do you define Aesthetic Experience?

We tend to associate this with our personal beliefs and experience. A philosophical way to answer this question would be that It is a study of certain states of the human mind, corresponding to responses, emotions and various attitudes.Whereas a simpler way to answer this would be that it’s basically everything that makes life a lot more worthy and meaningful. It’s the feeling you get when you open a box full of chocolates.

My experiences during the winter break:


Experience 1:

The most wonderful time of the year and there’s no other way to make it more beautiful than spending it with your family and friends. Unfortunately, I didn’t go back to my desert to spend some family time (then I would have missed my first white Christmas) but I did get to catch up with all my friends, which school restrained me from doing during school days. It felt really exceptional as I got to catch up with the talks that were missed, coffee dates, fancy dinners, shopping etc. This break gave me a chance to get closer to the friends that drifted apart during the summer and much more I had a lot of spare time.

Experience 2: 

During this break, I was in and out of almost all the restaurants in Vancouver and I’m pretty sure I gained tons of weight too.When it comes to food I’m always picky but then I thought about changing this habit during this winter break. Basically to train myself to explore different flavours and spices and not sticking to a boring eating habit. My ultimate goal was to adapt to a lifestyle in which I try different varieties of food from all over the world.I saw this as a mission to accomplish. I’m a sushi virgin (I’ve never tried sushi in my whole life until this winter break) mainly because I’m not a rice or a meat person. So I thought about starting this mission by trying some good sushi in town. So my friend Summer and I went to Toshi Sushi in Vancouver the day before Christmas, and I got a California roll ( or something similar)  To be honest I never saw this coming, I always had a bad impression about eating Sushi and never did I ever think I would be able to change this perspective I chose to view on sushi after my first bite of the fresh California roll. It was magical, this might sound stupid! but it truly was. I really liked every bit of it. I can truly compare this experience to Plato’s cave. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone made me realize the things which I wanted to believe were crushed by my reality which made me identify the obstacles and make better decisions in life.


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