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Of all the aesthetic experiences I had over the break, I have yet to find a way to connect them together. But out of the two that stood out (becoming a lifeguard and the picture of the sky), one was aesthetic because it was visually beautiful, the other was aesthetic because of the meaning that it carried. Choosing from the philosophers that we’ve discussed in class, I like Descartes theory of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” To others, the NL card has the same amount of value as a piece of cardboard. But to me it represents that I’ve put in a lot of effort into my class. To others the picture of the pastel sky is just part of another instagram theme. But to me, this was the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen. The purple spot with a slow fade to a peachy yellow felt like cold lemonade in a hot day. It was as if an artist had mixed the colors together and hand painted the sky themselves. As I sit here and type this, sitting beside me is some loser is telling me that the sky wasn’t as beautiful as I’m making it to be. It proves Descartes point that everyone will think of beauty differently.

please don’t steal my identity.

The camera doesn’t do this any justice, it was a really nice sunset despite the fact it was -5.

Descartes theory of beauty being in the eye of the beholder probably was because no one else expect the eye of the beholder exists. But I believe he’s left that up for interpretation as well. My interpretation of it is whatever floats your boat. Whether it is an ugly dog or the picture of the sky, no one else but the beholder can judge how aesthetically pleasing something is.


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