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Winter is the best season

experience #1

Over the winter break I may not have gone parachuting or bungee jumping, however winter break for me, is a special time to spend with my family. On New Years Eve at around 10pm, my brother, sister and I went to a fairly big hill in Mission called Griner. We took our snowboards and went up and down about ten times. At some point during the time there, I was doing up my bindings on the top of the hill but this time as I looked down the hill with my brother beside me and my sister riding down on her sled, I truly took the time to admire the true beauty of winter. Winter is a season that brings my family together every year. I was staring at this tree with a thick layer of snow covering its green pine needles for a long time. Winter has always been my favourite season, but It was never truly clear to me why until this year. It is my favourite season because there are so many activities and special events that brings my family together such as skiing, skating, picking out a Christmas tree, Christmas and New Years and these just skim the surface. The people that saw me staring off into the distance probably thought I was stoned or something but the truth behind it is there was a lot of deep, meaningful thoughts going through my head about the true beauty of family and how we are all brought together during winter especially.

Experience #2

My second aesthetic experience I had over the break was when I was sitting in my room organizing my makeup products and putting them all in the perfect placement. I swear my desk could have been mistaken for a Sephora advertisement. while I was admiring what I did with my products I sort of dozed of and had an epiphany. Even though there is a lot of conflict with makeup and and that people can’t really win when it comes to makeup because they are either criticized for wearing too much or too little, it brings people together, provides jobs, gives people a passion, gives some women more confidence and so much more. For example there are makeup artists that get paid a decent amount of money and it allows women to cover certain flaws on there face that they are insecure about, therefore giving them a bit more confidence. This epiphany I had made me smile and see a different side of beauty that makeup brings to our society.


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