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Finding Out That I Know Most if Not All of the Lyrics to Superbass: An Aesthetic Experience

I approached this assignment with about as much planning as I apply to the rest of my life (none). But it was for good reason! Aside from the fact that I hate planning anything, my goal going into to the break was to be able to define an aesthetic experience, isolating the individual factors that go into creating it and figuring out what separates the aesthetic experience from the non-aesthetic experience. I decided this would be more easily achieved through reflection rather than planning so I worked in reverse. Rather than planning to have an aesthetic experience, I reflected on the experiences that stood out to me, using them to create my definition of an aesthetic experience.

My definition of an aesthetic experience was developed primarily from two experiences in particular. The first was a trip to Lafarge Lake to see the Christmas light display. The lights themselves while pretty, were only a small part of what made the experience special to me. The falling snow complimented the displays, creating the perfect winter wonderland vibe. The lake was even frozen although that’s not saying much considering how shallow it is. It was the kind of winter experience that we as vancouverites don’t get to enjoy very often and that made it extra special. But perhaps the most important aspect of the experience was the people I was with. I spent that night with my best friends and as cliche as it sounds, the night would have been enjoyable no matter what, simply because they were there.

My second aesthetic experience was a karaoke night with the same friends I had seen the light displays at Lafarge with. Karaoke in general has the potential to be extremely embarrassing for obvious reasons but given that I’ve known these friends since middle school (and therefore we have already seen me each other at our worst) we really had nothing to worry about. This lack of inhibition allowed for my friends and I to be completely immersed in our group rendition of “I Will Always Love You” among other quality performances. The immersive quality of this experience is the thing that sticks out the most in my mind but there was also a visually striking quality in the form of tacky strobe lights.

Through reflecting on my experiences I came to define an aesthetic experience as an immersive, sensory experience that has the ability to impact you emotionally in some way. Although my experiences were good ones, I don’t believe an aesthetic experience has to be positive, but I believe it must stand out in your memory some how to prove its emotional impact. In terms of components that go into creating an aesthetic experience, I think anything that is striking to the senses in some way has the ability to contribute to an aesthetic experience. A visually stunning display for example, can impact the way we feel, creating an aesthetic experience.


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