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Psychics and Stuff: Phils Day Off

I am very curious about what happens to everyones minds after they die? This is a very controversial topic that may never be known and can tend to be frustrating to discuss what may be the right answer because odds are we will never know the truth behind it. I want to believe that our souls somehow are released from our bodies and roam free perhaps just here on earth or in heaven. Personally I don’t believe in any gods or heaven and hell but I am kind of unsure with what I believe in.

One of the things I am skeptical about with my beliefs of what happens after you die is the consciousness aspect to it and if your consciousness is existent or nonexistent. again, these are questions that no one yet knows the accurate answer to which makes things frustrating to even try to argue your belief without any backup facts. I think I am in between two main beliefs. My first one is that some how our spirit or soul or whatever you would like to call it is somehow turned into some kind of energy that has left our bodies but stays on earth. Something that influenced this belief is that my mother went to go see a psychic when she was in her early twenties and told me everything that the lady said. I am not going to go into great details, however the things she was saying were true and she was bringing up a person in our family that had past away a few years before. the things she was saying were things that only my mom knew and were only things that the person that past away had told my mom.

I am pretty skeptical about this belief but I hope it is true. Another belief I lean heavier towards is that nothing really happens to us after we die. I know it sounds kind of sad and gloomy however I just feel as though it is pretty close to impossible that this invisible consciousness is just drifting through the air as some sort of energy. How would it escape our bodies? would we be capable of even thinking? In a way this point of view about not being anything but an object after you die is a bit dark, however it makes me appreciate my life more and makes me want to make good use of the time I have here with my friends and family, take bigger risks and explore our beautiful world while I can.



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