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The modern and stoned-age both make me wanna kill myself

To be honest I didn’t have a really in depth question going into my Phil’s Day Off. Over the course of two days I wanted to test if time passed differently while using technology, or if being isolated yielded the same result. Over the weekend I planned to use half of my day isolated from any form of tech, and another half fully immersed in it.

How did it go??
During my Phil’s Day Off I went in assuming there was going to be a huge difference in how fast I thought time was moving. I mean, there are so many more things to do on the internet than there are without anything inside your house. As it turns out I was wrong. I haven’t yet decided if it was because of my own personality or just a general thing; but being on the computer without moving was awful. Other than the extreme headache I got while on it, it became simply repetitive. I would look at buzz feed articles, do a random wiki search, and play a video game. The process became so boring, I ended up zoning out and just thinking about random topics.

The stone-age half of my day wasn’t any better. Despite having a collection of books to read, a friend by my side, and a collection of paper and pencils, I was bored. Much like the computer I would bounce around between these few things before repeating the process. After about an hour I would zone out and do anything to avoid the terrible reality of what I was doing.

What I learned!
To my own surprise, I learned a lot about myself. Those moments of “zoning out”, as often as they were, became times when I questioned my own beliefs and such. Anyway peace out *peace sign*


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