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Metaphysics Phil’s Day Off

Like I said in my previous post, I am a Christian. I go to church every Sunday like every other Christians do but the difference is that, I don’t pay attention to the sermon at all. I just go there because its a drill for me to go every Sunday. This time round, its different. I had forced myself to pay attention to the sermon. Did I get the answers i was looking for? Eh, not exactly. But did i get some understanding about the Christianity belief? Yes.

I attend Northside Foursquare Church and in the sermon that was read by Pastor Barry, he talked about Josiah and how he was only 8 years old when he was chosen as king in Israel in the most darkest times. Can you imagine being the King/Queen of Canada at 8 years old? What would be the first thing you would do? Fast forward when he turned 16, Josiah made a life changing decision, he understood the history of his people and instead of following in his fathers footsteps, he made a covenant of God and decided to follow God instead. The one thing that stuck with me was when Pastor Barry said “If we had been taught the word of God, taught about Adam, taught about Mark, taught about Josiah when we were children and we have this markers in our life, when we reach the age of 16, 21, 30 or whatever age we are, we will look back on our markers that we have laid out that will help guide us. “The word of God is like our GPS in life.”” The amount of information that I had gathered just from that one sermon is incredible and overwhelming because like i said, I don’t pay much attention at all so having my attention on the pastor preaching is like a ‘WOAH, congratulations” moment.

All that being said, my curiosity grows stronger about what the bible has to say and what christianity really is. There are obviously more questions out there that i want answers too that can’t be answered but in the present time, all i can do right now is just to learn the word of God because the Bible, according to christians it is the “Word of Life” what do they mean by that? I semi don’t know. But all i know is that the bible holds everything we need to know, it has all the answers to life. Reading it is going to be painful so the only way i can gain more knowledge is by attending church. I did not expect to grow more curious about Christianity, I always thought it was a boring religion which had a lot of rules like “can’t have sex before you’re married” and yada yada but it isn’t considered philosophy if you don’t add on the “Why”. 😉  But again, how was God created? Is he a girl or a guy? Did he create himself? Was there another planet before us which is where God was born and that planet is extinct now so here he is as God? I mean, who knows?.. Thats metaphysics for you.


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