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Knowledge is like a pomegranate – Marina

Our minds are like an endless river, with a continuous flow of water. After time, the river bed shows signs of erosion, much like our brains that are continuously learning and expanding. There is so much knowledge in this world, along with millions of people, yet nobody knows it all. We live in beds of knowledge. It surrounds us and fills the air we breathe. Our brains are like pomegranates, you’re constantly finding new pockets of delicious red seeds, that you didn’t know were there. 


P1- Humans are born with a sense of knowledge.


P2- We develop our knowledge overtime through learning experiences.


Conclusion- All humans are born with common human knowledge and our bodies and our minds grow through good and bad, and right and wrong experiences.



P1- When we are born, we are guided through the basics of knowledge from our parents. They teach us how to grow up so we can eventually leave the nest as a grown, mature, adult. They hold our hands, pick us up, wipe our tears, and tell us it will be okay. Although, they want to do everything in their power to make us the best we can possibly be, they have to let us fall sometimes to help us learn. As we grow, our parents grip on us loosens as they trust grows stronger.


P2-  Our brains when we are little are like sponges. They absorb everything. Memories- good and bad-stick with us and they help us make choices in our future so we don’t go down the wrong path.


Conclusion – Although you may not think everything in our lives are beneficial in the long run, in reality it does. As humans we are constantly learning. Nobody in the word knows everything. Knowledge seeps everywhere like water flows in a river bed. Knowledge is unstoppable, it will push you forward in life, and it starts new streams all the time.




I agree with the Philosopher Immanuel Kant because Kant stated that our experiences are structured by features of our minds. Among other things, Kant believed that the concepts of space and time are integral to all human experience, as are our concepts of cause and effect. 


I am grateful for everything that has happened in my life to make me the person I am today. I wouldn’t be the same person without each thing that has occurred in my life. Each experience, each different than the last, taught me in so many different way that I didn’t know were possible.


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