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Aesthetic Experience

Who has the right to name something as beautiful or not beautiful?

Definition: an aesthetic experience is based on the perspective that all experience is perception. the aesthetic quality of an experience is based on the amount of concentration involved in the experience. a piece of art or specific specimen may be the object of pleasure but never the source.

There’s beauty in everything. No matter who perceives it. Who believes it. Anything and everything has beauty.

What are Aesthetics for

I think that whatever pleasures your eye, is what’s aesthetic. There couldn’t be one pin point definition of aesthetic, as beauty can be perceived in so many different ways. To put it in a casual way; guys or girls that your friends may think are attractive, you may not find so at all. Isn’t it weird that we’re looking at the exact same person and but we’re getting a different perspective of them? Some find brown eyes adorable, some don’t. Some find tall girls appealing, some don’t. That’s just preference. Isn’t aesthetic just preference? After all…

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Schools of Thought

To put it into aesthetic perspective: I’ve came to the realization that nothing can be named, labelled, or dictionary defined as beautiful. Artwork is a frequent example – some find the most perfectly spaced out, organized, and well placed artwork beautiful. Probably because it’s in its proper form; use of the ‘right’ colours and balanced perfectly. Others however, could find the most bizarre pieces beautiful. Picasso for example, where he decides to use art as a way to express himself. Maybe his mind was always wandering because his masterpieces are not exactly proportioned. The people’s skin are green, the sky is pink, or facial features are mangled. But that’s creative, that’s unique, that’s what some find beautiful.

Even with talent; expressing yourself in the way that YOU want to may not necessarily be considered as talent. Maybe doing everything the way you’ve been told as right, perfectly, is what’s talent. To me, either or are both talent. There couldn’t be anything more admirable than someone who talks passionately about something they love or are proud of. In particular, I want my significant other to be passionate, motivated and inspiring. Not having goals, not having ambitions is boring. Who cares if your dream is insane or maybe even impossible? Walt Disney said that if you can dream it you can do it. I could listen to someone I genuinely care about talk for hours about whatever it is that they love. Doesn’t matter if they want to be 100% perfect with everything following the instructions of the book // or if they’re reaching out of their comfort zone and trying something new and different. Either way, the way their face lights up and end up apologizing for going on a tangent cause they got so carried away with the beauty of what they’re interested in.. that’s their aesthetic. Even if it’s not what I’m particularly interested in, I’d love to hear about what it is about this certain hobby/interest/job/dream that you are oh so passionate about.

During the break, I was researching about all the different careers I could go off into. I realized that what I find pleases me, my aesthetic, is what I’d want to make money off of. With all of us being grade 12 and only having a couple more months of high school left, I realized that everyone’s going to go off into something that they adore. How lucky are we that we have so much opportunity to make money off of something we’d love to do for free. We get to do something as a job, something that we love but we get a pay check with it. // As of right now, I’m interested in makeup. Everything from zombie makeup to prom, I find a lot of beauty in creativity. Being able to create your art on your face, to completely transform, to get a completely different view of yourself because of a few products.. that’s my aesthetic.

In conclusion, I think that aesthetic is all about how you perceive beauty and what your perspective is. Everything has beauty, it just depends on who sees it and who doesn’t. Just because your best friend sees something as perfect and you don’t, doesn’t mean that one of you is wrong. We all have 2 eyes and 1 brain – but we function in a million different ways that we could never compare. What’s pleasing to your eyes?




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