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You can’t hide from everything!

I believe beauty is all around us. Everything in our world, and even beyond, has a sense of beauty. Beauty is such a personal thing that some people find in much different places than others. Something that I may find beautiful, the person beside me may disagree, and that’s okay! Although we are all very different, finding beauty in something is sometimes more common than others. For example, it’s very common to have a common interest in things like a vibrant sunset, twinkling lights, etc. But not every beauty can be shared. Sometimes you have to be selfish and keep that something to yourself.



In the spring of last year I took a trip to Orlando, Florida. I am not a person that travels often, leaving me beyond excited for my adventure. As soon as I got off the plane I looked at everything so differently. It was like I was an alien on a new planet. I wanted to save each moment- even if it wasn’t exciting to anybody around me. I had a thousand photos when I got home. Some were useless, some were pleasing to my eyes, but I still loved them all because they reminded me of moments that i’ve attached to that photo.




Descartes says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I couldn’t agree more, Descartes. Everybody has a different view on beauty, which makes it unique, and a wonderful thing.



Over the winter break, I had many esthetic experiences, but one that sticks out in particular is a photo that I took of my father and his friends on Christmas Eve. This is a beautiful picture in my mind because their smiles are larger than possible, while wearing goofy hats. This picture makes me happy and has a sense of beauty that connects with me on a certain level that you may not see- but it is beautiful to me.  




I think of aesthetics as something that you can either embrace, or ignore. I’m not the type of person to walk through life without thinking of all the beautiful moments and opportunities around you, so i’m unclear as to what that’s like. Take a moment to realize the hidden values around you- it could change your view on the world.


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