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Brain workouts!

During my Phil’s day off experiment, I went to the movie theatres to see if i could find results to my questions. How realistic can people make fake reality? I watched The Edge of 17 because “hey, i’m 17, maybe I can relate to the movie!”. Turns out I can’t exactly do that since all of the events in the movie are vamped up to a level of extreme that I personally can’t relate to. I will admit though it was very interesting to see how the movie played out. I laughed, I cried, my emotions varied throughout the film.


I thought it was refreshing to see a film about a teenager dealing with personal issues because I feel like society tries to cover up the fact that teenagers deal with issues too, not just adults. From what i’ve picked up throughout my years, is that some adults think all teenage issues are “nothing” or unimportant. Which sometimes, yes, problems get blown out of proportion, but sometimes we actually do mean it when we say we are dealing with stuff.


When I sat down at the theatre and I looked around and surprisingly I noticed a lot of people ages 30+. I walked in thinking it would be packed with high schoolers, such as myself. I am not sure if the day had any factor in this, but I thought it was pretty neat.  


On my journey I learned that fake reality is as real as your imagination takes you. If you walk in completely blocked off to your creativity, and stay within the walls, then you will probably start dissecting every factor of the film and find each flaw- or at least that’s what happens to me. If you sit down, dismantle all the boundaries in your brain then you will probably enjoy it way more because you’re allowing your brain wander. It’s amazing how an activity that is so relaxing, such as watching a movie, can give your brain a workout.


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