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Sensing Knowledge

When determining what knowledge is, we must first ask ourselves what we know about knowledge. Knowledge is what allows us to function. Without knowledge, we would be unaware of how to be a person.

Premise 1: Knowledge is gained through our senses

As we live our daily lives, we are constantly gaining knowledge through our senses. Through sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touvh, we constantly get to experience sometimes familiar, and other times new experiences. These new experiences allow us to gain the knowledge that we hadn’t had before.

Premise 2: We can share our knowledge with others.

Not only do we gain knowledge ourselves, but we can also share our knowledge with others. There are different ways of sharing knowledge such as when we go to school. Any time we sit in a classroom and take-in new information, we are gaining knowledge that we didn’t have before. Another way to look at this is when say a parent is teaching their baby how to walk, or trying to teach them how to say “mom” or “dad”. It seems like such an easy thing to most of us because we have the knowledge of how to do that. But speaking and walking isn’t just something we know how to do naturally such as breathing. It takes time, and it takes the knowledge of others to teach the baby to walk and talk.

Conclusion: We gain knowledge not only through our senses but also through others.

Everyday we learn new things. Wether it be through our senses or through others. I feel that through our senses, we discover basic knowledge such as what certain food may smell like, or how heavy a book is. We also are able to learn how to complete tasks by using all of our sense in different ways. Learning is another way we can gain knowledge. When others teach us or educate us on things they have knowledge of. We are able to then continue to pass on that knowledge to others. It’s a cycle.

So going back to my question about what knowledge is. I’d like to think of knowledge as everything. This may sound strange, but knowledge is used in every aspect of our lives. Without knowledge, we couldn’t do anything. We wouldn’t be able to walk, talk, or do anything for ourselves. Knowledge is a very important factor in everyone’s life and it is very important in everyone’s life.




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