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Jingle bells, jingle bells, this blog is 4 months late! A Christmas parody by David G

When I was told I had to answer the question “What is philosophy” I kind of panicked and told myself “Hey I’ll do it over the weekend”. Long story short, it was not the smartest idea. And The fact that this is being done on a Sunday night usually means, I, being the stellar student I am, couldn’t think of anything. But then it hit me! I’ll talk about my own person experience!!!!!

*Edit* This is now being done on January,17,2017 and honestly we all expected it.

And that’s why, ladies and gentlemen; I present to you

How Skipping Class Is Like Philosophy!

(Bare with me, because although this started out as a joke, I really couldn’t think of anything else.)

Much like skipping class Philosophy begins with an idea. Whether it be a personal opinion, something specific or just a vague concept, the idea starts by making our own assumption the world around us. When you skip class it, most times its a spur of the moment thing. In that moment you decided that, for the most part, not attending will benefit you more. Although this assumption is often wrong and will be argued, so will your ideas.

Surprisingly, the “idea” is not the only way these two are alike. Much like your ideas or contribution to a discussions, skipping class can either be beneficial to your environment, or destructive. Conflicting opinions can sometimes act a catalyst for self-doubt in our own beliefs. However without them, we can’t change. Other peoples ideas are necessary in order for us to put our own ideas into perspective and unfortunately, going through the world in our own heads is probably not the best idea.

Lastly we have the aftermath. We have now blasted through time and came to our metaphorical next day of class. This is where you arrive and get silently judged by the teacher while, although you pretend it wasn’t a big deal, you know that you have now missed an entire class of notes, discussion, and a bunch of other random stuff. I related this to philosophy because it’s kind of what happens when you don’t present your own opinion to others. Sometimes the unexpected happens and, just like in class, you ended  up learning something you didn’t plan on. When we don’t share our Philosophical point of view with others, we lack the experience to solidify or adapt our beliefs to our own knowledge.

But yeah here it is! My what is philosophy blog post!!! Well it’s about time to start my class final about how my “what is philosophy” blog post  has changed so see you then!



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