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Utilitarinism and The Starving Artist

With semester 2 so close, I can feel the energy of my peers dreading away as they cant help but look forward to begin their second course load for the year. Well, for me it’s a bit different. On the 1st of February I will be moving into my friend’s parents house, and begin paying rent.

Why would you ask?
For me its a simple answer, for the love of Hip-hop.

I didn’t have to graduate early, and do these things.. so why bring on all the unnecessary stress?

As Utilitarians would say: “For the greater good“.


But who’s greater good am I considering? Most definitely not my parent’s, as their wishes are for me to stay at home. In this case I’m being quite selfish, and even an egotist because I believe that this is necessary for my own greater good and overall success.

Although I will be at a huge disadvantage, and even experience problems I otherwise wouldn’t; such as being financially independent, there is a possibility that these risks will pay off rather significantly. Hence, my stubborn belief that these sacrifices are vital or even necessary, for “The greater good“.

Although Utilitarianism is usually referred to as a group mentality, it is interesting to see the implications and even perhaps the rationalizations (such as mine) that are possible while still sticking by the Utilitarian belief. I believe our world could not function without Categorical imperative, but Utilitarianism resigns deep in our way of thinking; almost as if it is human nature; making it so much more applicable and interesting to study.

As this will be my last blog post, I wish everyone a great year! A huge thank you to Mr. Jackson for making a class that I had taken because i had no other option one of my favorite classes and even enlightening my way of thinking.

In case you guys were interested in my music, here you go:


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