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Personally, when I think of the term ‘aesthetics’, I picture things I’ve seen on social media. I’m not sure wether im being forced into thinking I find the thing I see aesthetically pleasing because social media tells me I do, or if the things I see are actually my personal aesthetic.

When trying to understand and figure out what my own personal aesthetic actually is, I took interest in what Kant had to say about aesthetics. He describes how “flowers, free patterns, lines aimlessly intertwining”, as pleasing despite having no signification, and he having a disinterested and free delight in the experience. I took this into consideration when discovering what my personal aesthetic is. The way he described it caused me to think of the word ‘beauty’. But first I need to ask myself what beauty truly is.

Kant’s idea that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”, really caught my attention. I very much agree with his statement/idea. Everyone finds different things beautiful. I may find beauty in watching the sun set. Where as you may find beauty in a pair of shoes, a field, anything. I truly feel that we all are such different people, it is an almost absurd idea for everyone that we all would find beauty in the exact same things.

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I get to experience beauty and aesthetics first hand everyday. Especially during winter break I had a lot of very aesthetically pleasing experiences. Most of my experiences had to do with the decorations and lights that were displayed during the Christmas season. My first aesthetic experience took place while I was at my friends house. Her living room had been covered in white Christmas lights and once we turned the main room lights off and got to focus just on the Christmas lights specifically, it was absolutely gorgeous. Another experience I had was while walking around Lafarge. The lights were all different colours and shapes. It was such an amazing aesthetic experience. The lights at my friends house gave a very cozy aesthetic experience where as the lights at Lafarge gave off a more breath-taking aesthetic experience.
My last aesthetic experience was downtown. Outside of Nordstrom they had an absolutely stunning display. It was a big globe the u could walk through which was made of lights.

What I think I got out of this experience was that aesthetics can be found in anything and everything. I still don’t know what exactly my personal aesthetic is, all I can say is that I agree with Kant. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I find beauty in strange things sometimes. Im not sure exactly why so I can’t give a reason, but thats what I think personal aesthetic is to everybody– beauty found in unexpected or expected things/ simply anything.

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