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Knowledge? What is it? What does knowledge mean?

Proposition: Knowledge is gained through physical experiences


  • Premise 1: Physical experience is preserved through the senses
  • Premise 2: Physical experience becomes knowledge when you comprehend the details of what the experience entails
  • Premise 3: When you comprehend the details of the experience it becomes knowledge

“The only source of knowledge is experience”

-Albert Einstein

Watch this video below to understand more of what experience may mean or entail too. While watching this video also think about what your own experiences teach you or allow you to learn.

Premise #1: Physical experience is preserved through the senses

By this statement I mean one of many things. Suppose you were to go on a hike while walking up this hill the rain begins to fall hard upon your head and you begin to slip. Still climbing up this hill you are with your best friend communicating with one another on where to go and how long you have left. You end up reaching your destination, the top of the mountain. Eyes widened you take in all of your surroundings and are truly amazed at what you are seeing; this is a truly amazing experience for you. Imagining that and living in the moment can only be achieved through the physical experience of being there and having all of your senses engaged and triggered in that moment, yes I may have told you to imagine it but you have not lived through it engaging your senses therefore not having a physical experience.

Premise #2: Physical experience becomes knowledge when you comprehend the details of what the experience entails

From the little story above that, I had told you I want you to think that you had got stuck in the mud, your foot had been caught and you had not been through this before. Your friend does not know what to do so you stand there in confusion, you must use your mind and think of things that may help you in this situation. The premise connects to this situation because to deal with any situation and to have knowledge about them is to experience them. Being stuck in the mud is an experience because you can learn that all you need to do is slip your foot out of the shoe then pull your shoe out of the mud. Without knowing and having this physical experience you can not comprehend and learn the knowledge that the experience may give you.

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Premise #3: When you comprehend the details of the experience it becomes knowledge

Back to the hike, you are surrounded by all of the things that trigger your senses and allow you to understand more about them. But what you do need to know is if you do not understand these things that you are seeing, hearing, touching etc. then you don’t fully comprehend them hence your knowledge lacking. To fully gain knowledge, yes your senses have to be engaged but really to fully obtain that knowledge you must comprehend or understand what is going on.


In conclusion to all my premises, i hope you understood what i had intended to say. Without having your senses engaged and your mind comprehending and understanding things around you, you are not fully engaged; not obtaining the knowledge you could have. Next time you are experiencing something you have never before allow your self to undedtand your surrounding aswell as how things work and function, this will allow you to soak in as much information as you can expanding your knowledge immensly.




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