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My ethical and moral stance on how we stop ISIS

Biologically and chemically there is almost know difference between us and the apes. But because we have ethics and we have morals, we are humans. Beings with a capital B that can accomplish great and horrible things. In ethics there are two majorities that philosophers alike find themselves in, utilitarianism and Kant’s – Categorical Imperative



  • Do what will benefit the majority, involving…
  • Risking the life or lives of the few over the many
  • Doing wrong to stop more wrong
  • Be like your enemies to control your enemies

Kant’s – Categorical Imperative

  • Let’s not be our enemies
  • Hold our honor
  • And solve our difficulties earnestly so that when they are gone, we don’t need to use them again to solve them.

But what does that mean?




What it means that if we go about things with Utilitarian intentions our problems should be by logic, unsolvable and infinite.

  • People keep on getting killed so we need to kill the people doing the killing
  • We have now eliminated the killers of the people
  • But now, we have inspired more people to kill

And the list continues.



My ethical issue is the armed forces going into schools with goals of easy recruitment. Though wrongfully preaching to the young that dying can be a great thing is not illegal, it is morally wrong. Let’s face it, we always want what we cannot have and young people, my peers, are no exception to the rule. We are not eighteen, we cannot vote and as a result, we cannot enlist. Because of this restriction we as humans make it our magnum opus to break it, naturally. Young people are not allowed to do many a great things and enlisting in the armed forces is one them. But, it is when the government uses the anticipation we all feel to get what they want whether it is power, control or money it is then, morally wrong.

But the burning question I know we are all asking is “, wouldn’t be for the better good. I mean sure we shouldn’t enlist our young but it’s to stop ISIS.” Are we all in agreement that ISIS and various other terrorist groups are bad not just by what they do= but who they include in they’re wrong doings. ISIS along with the US military, recruits the young. Similar tactics are used and the cycle of utilitarianism continues. More young people die requiring more young people to die on the opposing side and so on and so forth.


I am pro categorical Imperative. If we don’t be our enemies our enemies won’t be us and that’s my moral and ethical stance.


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