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it was a better TIME…

Cyclical is defined as occurring in cycles or recurrent, while Linear means extending along a straight line, and processing from one stage to another. So..what does it mean when we talk about time being cyclical or linear? I mean the clock does go round and not straight. For this project I’m going to break down the big question that a lot or most people have, is TIME LINEAR OR CYCLICAL?

One of the easier question to break down first is what is time? Time is a measurement that we use everyday to calculate events, it allows people to grow old throughout the years rather than getting younger

                     Linear time, Cyclical time

. Like many scientist including Albert Einstein the Big Bang was the beginning of time. Einstein also said “time is relative,” he said that the faster  we moved the slower time will pass, and that in our galaxies time vary. Time for a fact is always going forward and never in reverse since it’s a direction, and still to this day the problem is still unsolved in physics. One way to explain why time can’t go backwards is entropy, the definition for entropy is a law that states nothing ever decreases. Therefore if milk is spilled or wood was used make a fire it can never go back to its original states, which means that entropy can go forward or stay the same, but can never decreases. Since time has a beginning (Big Bang) will time ever end? The pros in life said that time will end when another big event or rip like the (BB), but we can’t be to sure about it. The pros said that time was created by the BB but we have philosophers like Aristotle who believed that time didn’t have a beginning, because when or where we start there is always an imagination of the earlier time. Augustine had similar philosophical inquires like Aristotle but believed that the “universe was made with time and not in time”, this kind of touches on the fact that he to believe time was there when the universe was created, and not the other way around.

On to the next question where it’s not as easy to answer…what does it mean when time is cyclical? When we watch movies or an episode of a cartoon we often see a forward/fast timed of a sunset and a sunrise, that event is consider a short cyclical pattern. Events like sunset/sunrise allows us to measure time even better we can find out growing seasons when to sleep and when to wake up, most people would consider time as cyclical because of these patterns. But not every culture, country and person believes that time in cyclical its been noted that cyclical time depends on the culture. Places like China, Africa and Native American see time as cyclical rather than linear because they believe time controls their lives, which makes sense, since those countries are more devoted on working when it’s morning and sleeping when its dark. They thought that their lives didn’t control time and that they were to adapt to the harmony of the cyclical time. So if cyclical time is describing time being a cycle occurring again does that mean we are just living in a loop? No, we do relive certain events like waking up going to school or work etc but each of those events are different.

So if cyclical means routine/cycle linear must mean straight/continuing? The answer to that question is correct, the definition of linear time is that it keeps going straight with no ends and no repeats or cycles. Some philosophers who were believers that time is linear include: Kant, Descartes, Newton, Locke etc. Linear time was quite different compare to cyclical time, because linear was more based on math and science, whereas cyclical was based more on culture and beliefs. Those who agree with linear time are said to believe that time is continuous without an ending, therefore they need to make every moment count. Linear time is events with a beginning (birth) and end (death), it has three steps Past, Present and Future

In conclusion our definition of time could be similar but if we want to pick a side (Cyclical or Linear) it

would be rather hard and confusing because  I feel for both, because we don’t live in a cycle everyday but not everyday is the same and it will come to an end one day.

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