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Philosophy is like…

Philosophy was the epitome of a confusing class. Although I didn’t participate in discussions and speak up about my personal opinions, our class was really diverse in terms of perspective. It was interesting listening to the debates and people becoming genuinely passionate about what they were talking about. We are all in the same class, the same age, and going to the same school, yet we are completely different with what we’re thinking about.


To put philosophy to comparison, I think that philosophy is like a tree. Trees need seeds in order to grow, without a seed there’s no tree. We need core ideas and morals in order to grow, without an opinion there’s no mindset. Due to experience and emotion, we are shaped into the person we are today. The experience is like the water and sunshine the tree needs in order to develop and become the form they are today. It’s become pretty clear that there’s no right or wrong in philosophy. You decide whether or not you think a certain argument is valid, whether you believe in what a philosopher is talking about, and most importantly just to stand your ground in where your mind’s at. I think my mind has expanded a lot more thanks to this class, writing the blogposts has put me into a completely different mood where I continue to type out what my brain is spilling out. With the creativity and flexibility of this class, I was able to be taken off into a world where I would’ve never gone with any other class.

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Overtime, we are influenced and inspired. Our thoughts and perspectives changes along with our surroundings. Although, sometimes it is scary how the world around us seems to be moving so quickly and we’re not adjusting fast enough to it. That’s kinda like what senior year feels like. Trees that have grown in warm climates will differ from the ones that grew in cold, harsh environments. Environment plays a huge part in how we evolve and develop. We all have a different past and history, some have gone through more than others, some more wise than others. As we go through situations, we “branch” off into new outlooks and opinions, in all sorts of directions. Life isn’t one straight path, there’s always going to be dead ends and unexpected turns. Our brains already look like the roots of trees; realizations, happenings, experience, education, and memories. All of the roots absorbing of new concepts on the inside. With the expansion of our consciousness and fundamental understanding, we are able to embody realizations and new morals.

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