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Why do we believe?

After this whole thing with Epistemology I’ve found many interesting topics but one was belief and I came up with the question why do we believe? Why do people feel that having something to believe in is so important? Some people believe that it’s the way that someone is brought that depends on why and how much they believe in religion. I personally believe that it’s when someone is feeling empty that they really get deep into religion for example Christianity I’m not trying to single this religion out but it’s just that I see mostly Christians that get really into their religion and feel that they have to live their life in a certain to get into heaven.

If people believe in religion to that they have to live their life in a specific doesn’t that really defeat the whole purpose of life? Because to live life is to experience new things it’s to be adventurous if we live our whole life in this metaphorical “shell” I guess it’s almost as if we limit ourselves and cheat ourselves out of a great life. Another question that I came up with was what would life be if there was no religion? Would the hardcore believers be lost with their lives? Would the world be in complete chaos without it? No one knows the answer to these questions and we never will find out the answer to these questions because the human race simply sees religion as a big topic that we all can’t live without. But at the same time I can understand on why people are religious because I myself am a Buddhist would I consider myself as a hardcore Buddhist? No, I wouldn’t but I get that it’s nice to know that when I feel down or need guidance I feel like I can just go to the temple and find out the answer after praying. However, would I ever live my life strictly around Buddhism I probably wouldn’t to be honest because I would feel like I’m cheating myself out of a lot of great experiences.

One more topic that I would like to touch is on why do people like to pretend that they are religious? It’s one thing if someone is honestly a hardcore Christian , Buddhist, or Muslim etc but why do people in certain situations suddenly become religious? For example Barney Stinson a character from How I met your mother is in a certain situation between him and his two friends while trying to find what he is looking for he suddenly gets down on both knees and clasps his hands together and prays to god even though what he does in the show would be considered a sin now I’m not only using a TV show as my example because I have seen this with my own eyes two very close people to me who I thought were Buddhist suddenly turned Christian around their friends because they knew that they could get something for free. So is that right? Is it right to fake that your’re a certain religion for your own personal gain? In my eyes yes it is but to some people they see nothing wrong with it but this all ties together this is honestly why I can and never will be able to take religion seriously because on one side you have the extremists but on the other side you have the people who claim to be religious when they’re not. However, all we can do is to sit back and just keep our faith and continue to live our lives in whatever way whether we’re religious or not.

Just saying if anyone else is interested I came across this article that really sparked my interest into this who belief thing while I was researching for my topic http://robertnielsen21.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/why-people-are-religious/




Discussable Object – Deion

The past week since we have started doing Metaphysics has exhausted me to the point of insanity but yet I still should do this blog post I guess. The philosopher that I have chosen is David John Chalmers though he is not the most popular philosopher out there I do agree with his ideas. 

After the day off my group and I decided on one central theme I guess which basically was we shouldn’t be close minded when thinking about things because then we will limit our other possibilities. It took me a while to figure out what exactly what my this whole thing meant but I did my best too decode it. Basically I guess we shouldn’t be so quick to cross out other options because then what could have turned out be spectacular is automatically not even in the picture because we are ignorant. However, I must admit that not every human being is like this there are those who believe in this strongly and think that we should be open to all options and not just keep our mind set to one but I know for myself that I catch myself doing this all the time blocking all other options when I am in a position where I have to decide something but I do, however; agree with this that we should all be open to all options in life and not just one. 

Although some may find opening their minds to other ideas completely stupid others may find it easier but either way to achieve this is reasonable. If you just simply cannot bring yourself to think or consider other options try to find ways to help you such as talking to a friend and see if they can convince you or maybe read a article or something of that nature. If you’re a person who likes only one and option don’t think that you’re a bad person but just remember that you may find life easier and may come out with a better outcome if you open your mind. 



David John Chalmers -Deion

He was influenced by philosophers such as Douglas Hofstadter, Daniel Dennett, and Rene Descartes.

David Chalmers is mostly noted for his work on consciousness in both his 1995 and 1996 book “Facing Up to the problem of Consciousness” his formulation of “hard problem of consciousness” has earned him lots of recognition. He is also famous for his strong strong commitment to the logical possibility of philosophical zombies; however, these zombies aren’t what we have in mind instead they are exact duplicates of us but just lack the qualitative experience. Also, he is well known for his work on the philosophy of language or “theory of reference” and how words secure their referents along side with Frank Johnson they came up with the idea of two dimensional-ism. He is also known notable for his idea of neutral monism which is the idea that mental and physical are two ways of organizing the same object which the objects themselves are “neutral”. Views from the point of neutral monism deny that mental and physical are two different things but instead the universe is neutral and not mental or physical.

I think that all of his views and ideas are way above at this point -.- so I don’t really have anything to say except that they seem interesting from the researching that I’ve done so far. 

I think neutral monism and how he feels that nothing is mental or physical but it’s neutral is really confusing and just how the whole concept of consciousness works is a big mind blowing thought… 



Are cigarettes really that bad?

Anywhere you go these days weather it’s to the mall or just a walk down the street you’re bound to see someone smoking a cigarette. Are they really as bad as people say they are though? Some doctors have said that cigarette can help with ADD although this has never been proven some doctors strongly back this. 

Things that are bad can kill you

Cigarettes are bad

Therefore they can kill you

Yes, cigarettes are bad for one’s health even though they try to say cigarettes aren’t bad and can in fact help you there is way more evidence to show that they are bad for you rather than they aren’t.





Should Marijuana be legalized?

A lot of people today smoke weed either for medical purposes or for recreation. Is marijuana really that bad though? Has anyone died from it? Why do people get so rowled when people smoke weed? I mean it’s a plant that you grow. Personally I feel that cigarettes are more harmful then weed since weed can be used to help people relax.

All things that hurt people are illegal

Marijuana doesn’t hurt people

Therefore marijuana shouldn’t be illegal

All things that hurt people are illegal, but has marijuana ever killed anyone? No it hasn’t but can you say the same for cigarettes? No they have killed 443,000 each year in the U.S. alone but yet they still choose not to make it illegal.



Krokodil- Deion

There are so many new drugs being discovered everyday for example last year the big craze and now in Russia the new drug is Krokodil. Krokodil is a easy, quick, and cheap drug to make if you’re a user. After several months of use the drug starts to eat the victim. Their skin starts to turn into something like a crocadile hence the name “Krokodil”.

Krokodil is a drug

Drugs are bad

Krokodil is a drug

This drug didn’t come to the media’s attention until 2010 when the use in Russia has skyrocketed through the roof. Since it is such a inexpensive drug compared to Cocaine, Meth, or Heroine it has been a subsistute for many addicts. Also due to having such easy access and being able to make it at home has also helped with it’s popularity. Also Krokodil has been rated to be one of the most deadliest drugs on the planet since it’s appearance in the media.




What is Philosophy? -Deion

This is my religion. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple, philosophy is kindness
-Dali Lama
What is philosophy? The definition found on Google search is the study of fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. Philosophy brings a different way to approach problems due to how you can have a rational argument with someone else on a problem. Philosophy is science without any facts or research since philosophy doesn’t have a defined topic they range from science, art, literature, and politics. But what do I really think philosophy is you ask? To be honest I think philosophy is just one mind blowing thing since we have questions in life that we can’t answer but then again philosophy can help us come up with a million answers for it.

I believe that philosophy is all about opinions and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion if we all have our own opinions then that leads us to be the unique individuals that we are. Imagine if we didn’t have any opinions and didn’t have the ability to think for ourselves then what would we be? Philosophy allows us to have the ability to give unanswered questions a answer but in our own opinion. In my opinion the ideas that people have that they live and die for and that some go to war over are all from philosophical ideas. Our lives and the choices that we make are all from philosophical ideas whether we know this or not it is true.

There is one question that I asked myself while writing this that is Why is philosophy important? After thinking I have found the answer and that is philosophy allows us to criticize others thoughts while allowing us to come up with our own answers that make sense to us instead of reading a article and trying to understand it or having someone else explain it to us. Also philosophy is a way of gaining knowledge and wisdom on other subjects that we never really looked into and it helps us to understand it in our own way. The best example would be “What is the meaning of life?” philosophy allows us to get to this answer through our own beliefs and thoughts and not by having to listen to someone talk and talk about it and pretend that we understand it. Philosophy also allows us to argue with others and not offend them because it gives us the ability to argue logically with one another.

In our time now, people think that we should just all go with the flow and not think for ourselves because that would make us become a outsider, but people have forgotten that being different and thinking for ourselves is better than just conforming to the rest and listening to what everyone else tells us because once we conform then we stop learning about new things and we forget how to think for ourselves.