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My ethical and moral stance on how we stop ISIS

Biologically and chemically there is almost know difference between us and the apes. But because we have ethics and we have morals, we are humans. Beings with a capital B that can accomplish great and horrible things. In ethics there are two majorities that philosophers alike find themselves in, utilitarianism and Kant’s – Categorical Imperative



  • Do what will benefit the majority, involving…
  • Risking the life or lives of the few over the many
  • Doing wrong to stop more wrong
  • Be like your enemies to control your enemies

Kant’s – Categorical Imperative

  • Let’s not be our enemies
  • Hold our honor
  • And solve our difficulties earnestly so that when they are gone, we don’t need to use them again to solve them.

But what does that mean?




What it means that if we go about things with Utilitarian intentions our problems should be by logic, unsolvable and infinite.

  • People keep on getting killed so we need to kill the people doing the killing
  • We have now eliminated the killers of the people
  • But now, we have inspired more people to kill

And the list continues.



My ethical issue is the armed forces going into schools with goals of easy recruitment. Though wrongfully preaching to the young that dying can be a great thing is not illegal, it is morally wrong. Let’s face it, we always want what we cannot have and young people, my peers, are no exception to the rule. We are not eighteen, we cannot vote and as a result, we cannot enlist. Because of this restriction we as humans make it our magnum opus to break it, naturally. Young people are not allowed to do many a great things and enlisting in the armed forces is one them. But, it is when the government uses the anticipation we all feel to get what they want whether it is power, control or money it is then, morally wrong.

But the burning question I know we are all asking is “, wouldn’t be for the better good. I mean sure we shouldn’t enlist our young but it’s to stop ISIS.” Are we all in agreement that ISIS and various other terrorist groups are bad not just by what they do= but who they include in they’re wrong doings. ISIS along with the US military, recruits the young. Similar tactics are used and the cycle of utilitarianism continues. More young people die requiring more young people to die on the opposing side and so on and so forth.


I am pro categorical Imperative. If we don’t be our enemies our enemies won’t be us and that’s my moral and ethical stance.



Jason’s Aesthetic Experience

Aesthetics, a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty. But, what does this mean?



It will always search


Never be found

It can surround us

And be


In its ways its utterly real


Utterly not

Proposition to Aesthetics

My stance on aesthetics may be bias by just of what it is. An aesthetic experience is something we do not choose to embark on. Instead this experience whether it’s looking on a mountain view or taking fentanyl for the first time, finds us. By this the aesthetic experience isn’t so much a journey or a quest we chose to feel, but more of a discovery. My aesthetic experience will prove this.

My Aesthetic Experience

It was Monday, 6:00 am and we were tired. The airport lines to get out of the airport were long and endless. My dad and I were stuck in this together. All of a sudden a bellowing came from the east hall of YVR and it continued to grow. It was only moments later that the bellowing transformed like Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hide and it shrieked. There were about eleven, chubby security guards all chasing a ninety year-old lady with a custom supercharged scooter that could run at a top speed of 27 miles per hour. The shrieking was caused by not her scooter but an immense laughter that filled YVR airport. My dad and I were no stranger to this bellowing and we continued to laugh. This was a truly aesthetic experience.


After this fiasco I was greeted by a pleasant surprise. A, I was right before the break about aesthetic experiences coming from only lifes accidents and B, how something so ugly like eleven fat dudes chasing a ninety year old lad on a scooter could be such an aesthetic experience.


Aesthetics is our journey and only part of it we can control is enjoying the current aesthetic experience that we surround ourselves with. I will be enjoying every mountain view and every ninety year old lady because these things are a part of life, the ultimate aesthetic experience.


Old Lady on scooter-courtesy of criticallyrated.com

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Our knowledge on knowing

Epistemology is the study of knowledge. But what does is mean? What is knowledge and where did it originate. Some definitions of this mystery we call knowledge are “a justified true belief” as Plato put it or “, All knowledge comes from experience” as Kant put it. But what is experience and its origin. And If for every reaction there is a positive and/or negative reaction. What was the first reaction and is all we know based on it.

Let’s say we’re painting a master piece, a Rembrandt and halfway through the paint fumes suffocate us, leaving an overall deficiency of oxygen in our blood. Our bodies are smart and know sacrificing a hand is better than a brain. We lose our hands and the painting is ruined because we try to proceed with our feet. Mind you we could have used a paint that didn’t kill us, a gas mask to counteract the poisonous fumes and refrained from using our feet and gotten somebody else to finish it, somebody with hands. We cannot deny that we now, through experience, know what dangers these critical mistakes can result in. By knowing we refrain from living situations like this ever again. Changing the course of history, forever. We live in a world of interactions and experience, like our painting universe. Let’s put into context the history of our universe

A brief history of the universe… 13.5 billion years, the emergence of a great plain we call home, the universe. A 100 billion galaxy wide nuclear bomb, condensed to a point of a peanut, all exploding at once. The Big Bang was the first steps of our universe. A variety of quasars, black holes and galaxies formed after it. And through various successes, mistakes and accidentals humans, trees and all other things in this universe were formed, including stars. Its 2016 and what is have yet to know lies within the successes, mistakes and accidentals that await us.

Losing hands and creating stars are a direct result of a recipe I call successes, mistakes and accidentals. To make a universe exactly like ours is the exact same sequence of events would need to take place, the butterfly effect. Because of this exactness that is needed what happens if Adolf Hitler was assassinated in 1936, we didn’t accidently discover X-rays and discover the domestication of dogs! What is more prepossessing than this anomaly is what hasn’t happened to shape our universe. We as humans cannot comprehend all that we do not know because the list is infinite. By the list being infinite, logically, we do not know anything. We know one thing, our universe and have yet to compare it with the infinite number of variations that we cannot know. 2016 on earth, in the galaxy, in the universe is unknown and until we compare to everything else, we will not know of its soundness. That task is impossible so nothing is known and maybe nothing exists. Epistemology, the study of knowledge and the study of something we cannot comprehend.



-Mr Jackson various lectures on epistemology

-Pale Blue dot by Carl Sagan

-Cosmos by Carl Sagan

-Broncas Brain  by Carl Sagan



Pale Blue Dot courtesy of NASA; what see is a space that has traveled less than 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the universe. And that barely visible pale blue dot is us, all of us, all of what we are and all of what we know.




The coexistence of universes and its connection to ours and the dreamverse

A two dimensional universe can only coexist with another two dimensional universe. The same goes for a three dimensional, the dream universe and any other universe that may exist.

From Carl Sagan’s “The Cosmos” Carl dedicates one chapter to solely explaining what a universe is and how a dimension can influence it. How it works is if we have an apple (A three dimensional object) that is coated in black ink and make it interact with a piece of paper ( A two dimensional object) the apple will only leave it 2-dimensional shadow, the apples base on the paper. The paper doesn’t know what hit it and it only has the remembrance of a time when there was ink and when there wasn’t. Times a key word in this because don’t we feel the same about time as the paper does about the apple coated in ink. We know when it passes when it wasn’t here but not the actual moment it was interacting with us.

Think about that concept that Carl Sagan puts on time and relate it to the dreamverse. When we have déjà vu we don’t just feel it passing and it not being there, we fully experience it. We don’t just have the mark the apple makes on the paper; we knew fully when the déjà vu was interacting with us. What that means is if the dreamverse interacts with our universe. And if only common universes can coexist either the dreamverse is actual our universe just in place undiscovered or is our universe the dream. These universes are common, and its one or the other.


Below Universe of Galaxies courtesy of NASA, Virtually every spectacle of light in this photograph is a distant, faraway galaxies consisting of billions of stars. How did we find ourselves in such a grand place?

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Comments on the cave(Jason Forster)

The cave is our mother; we’ve lived inside of her and found the truth that that lay’s beyond her, we’ve never lost our respect for her and she kept us under a blanket until our size was bigger than of the blanket could manage. Let me share with you my cave story.

I was wearing wet shoes, broken glasses and the wrong size pants when I met John (I can’t recall his last name so we will just go by John). And there was John always with a stern flow of advice that flowed like the Amazon River: long, sweet, life giving and well appreciated. But getting back there was something else about John; he was manic depressive, the whole gamete. Happy one minuet and sad the next. But there was always something about him that gave him a Tower of Pisa lean to the good that I am going to try my best explain without diminutions.

Anyways with my wet shoes he took me for a drive and I was ten years old so I didn’t say much. Also I only knew John because he was one of my dad’s employees and I had only seen him even at this point in my life maybe 10-12 times, but they were always remembered. Getting back on point,  I noticed something weird, John was as silent as I was. Then I started to get paranoid of all the horrors that might happen to me. But then I settled down as we were rolling up on a hospital. Not for young nor for old, and a place that was seldom told. It was an adult care facility for the mentally and physically disabled. It’s strange how we group the two together.

As we were walking in a wave of anxiety flushed away from me. And at the point I couldn’t explain why. John still as silent as a dove takes me over two his friend mark and mark says,” Hi-lo jasinn, mi naam iss markk, ande how do yu doo.” After our little conversation still with John in dove-mode, both John and I left.

The thoughts deviously floating around my head is that I just wasted 30-mineuts until three weeks later when John was being the good semertan he Was and stopping a bar fight that lead to someone putting a bullet in Johns head.

After John left our pleasant little world, I went to go see his friend Mark.” Hye jasinn, due yu haav a stori fore mi taday.” And I would tell him one. At first it was monthly, and then it was weekly. But by the end of that year it was daily. After this my shoes lost their moisture and I realized that that day that John took me in to see his friend Mark, in the dead of winter, he was not using words because they are too complex for explaining. No John took me to see His friend Mark and now mine too show me even though Mark is: illiterate and can’t write to well, can barely speak, is wheel chair bound and is forced to live in a hospital where he’s just “,one of the stupid ones,” according to our society, he still finds time for an ever in demand pursuit of Joy.

On a birds-eye view Mark is a simple man, with a simple, wheel chair bound life but it’s those simple things he is happy about. He doesn’t get upset of envy; he enjoys other people’s fortune. After the death of my dear friend John I found the joy in the simple things in life and I still see mark every day because when John introduced me to what society is calls a simple dim-wit that can’t live in freedom or happiness,  has taught me more about living than anyone else I have ever met. I may sound crazy but I wish we all had a little in common with good old improper speaking Mark, then John would have probably lived and our shoes would be as dryer than any desert till the end of our days.

Look at the sun in the day’s sky. What do you notice about it? It can’t get any brighter. It is at its absolute best, no growth. Now look at a cave, dark with emotion striking fear just getting ready to slash its subjects with un-enlightenment. But think about where you can go from there; you have the key to your shackles; you have the strength to get up and light that candle to show that there’s more to the cave. The cave is an awful place but it’s a start, all starts suck and gives you a chance to add the light to the darkness.



Image below courtesy of shutterschock.com- The cave is an unlit candle, as soon as you realize theirs more than the cave, you have sparked your first match

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defining what we know(Jason Forster)

I’m blind, like: Ray Charles, Homer, and countless others, but not in my eye’s. I’m blind and philosophy, can give me insight on reality. Reality, it’s a goal,something that is hard to define and something we all know. How can you know and not define? It’s like seeing stars and knowing that they’re there, but not knowing the reason why, or defining. Something weird happened with stars though, we learned to define. And in the same aspect I believe that with an ironic “discipline”* in this course, my goals can be accomplished. But what is philosophy? I think it’s best to start out with what it’s not. That list includes hunting, cooking and a variety of other irrelevant things, all but one, science. Science is not philosophy, the key reasoning behind this that i feel that many would agree that science is about knowing about what we define, and philosophy about defining what we know. How does one do that, define what we know. Knowing what we define is pure testable knowledge that is self rejuvenating. Defining  what we know is really based on our surroundings, live in a cardboard box for your entire life you will only know six sides of light brown. What if the theoretical ” box guy ” interacted with someone who only knows life in a pyramid, but you get where this is going, right. Philosophy is defining what we know, interacting with our peers is how we get more accurate information and that’s what i hope to achieve in philosophy 12.


*Philosophy is usually seen as a practice with no boundaries, and disincline is ironic because it’s the exact opposite



Below courtesy of Wikipedia- painting of Democritus, all of his works were lost but accounts of him.

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