Talons Philosophy

An Open Online Highschool Philosophy Course


Kyle’s really late thoughts on philosophy

For the first day in this class, I was genuinely lost. I really had no idea what was going on or what people were saying. Willie especially hit me with some deep stuff that just flew right over me. I was kinda worried. If it stayed like this, I’d be screwed. But the day after, I understood so much more than I expected. As the week progressed, I understood more and learned quite a few things. I liked listening to other people’s ideas about existence, our society, and what philosophy is to them.

Going into this class on the first day, I had only one expectation; to argue and discuss things within the class. Other than that, I had no expectations. I didn’t expect to talk about anything that we have talked about. Philosophy is the nature of things, which is really, really vague. EveryTHING is a thing… so we can talk about anything and everything. There’s really no limits to this class, and I really like that because you don’t see much of that in any other class. I was having issues with it being too vague, but I think I was just overthinking that. Now that I actually understand what we’re doing, I like it being this vague rather than the usual, strict rules with school work.

I’m not hoping or expecting to discuss any certain things in this class. I’m an open book and cool with doing whatever as long as it’s not redundant or pointless. One thing I think we should do however is discuss social issues (the bad things that happen and how we could try to resolve them). Overall, I am enjoying the class. I think this class gives a great way to learn through a personal way and to connect with the people among us. I look forward to whatever interesting things we may approach this semester.



England was my cave

We all experience something within our lives that brings great change. Something that had a significant impact to our life, for better or worse. It could be an opportunity for a new life, and to leave part of us behind. For me, the great change of my life is my move from England to Canada. I was born in the city of Manchester, and raised in a town within Manchester called Wigan. England is not seen as a dangerous place to live, however there are some places which can be quite scary to live in. Manchester was in the top 10 for crime and homicide rate in all of England. There were lots of street gangs in the town I lived in. There was always stabbings and shootings, and quite a few deaths. Some parts of the town you were not able to walk through after a certain time because of the gangs. There is a movie called ‘the guvnors’ which shows you what it’s like to be in the areas like ours. There is a lot more to these places than what’s showed in the movie, however. Even after 8 years, there are still a few things that happened that I will never forget.

My parents decided that this is not what they want for me and my brother, and began searching for a new place for a new life. Within the last week or two of being in England, my parents told me we are moving to Canada. Personally, I was 8 and knew nothing of Canada. I thought it was just snow and a huge, north pole kind of place. I didn’t really understand why we had to move. I was happy being there, but much like platos cave, I was only happy because it was the only place I knew. I said goodbye to my friends and family, hoping to see them again someday. Within moments, I was at my home where everything felt right to me, and then I was on a plane going to a place I had no understanding of. When we got here and we found a place to stay, I liked it. I made some friends in my neighborhood and settled in. I was enjoying here, until school started.

School started, and I knew no one. I couldn’t understand anyone and no one seemed to understand me because of my harsh, slang accent. I didn’t feel like I belonged here, and I didn’t feel at home. There wasn’t anything I could do about it other than suck it up. So I just tried to fit in, learned the Canadian accent, and after a couple years, it felt like home. I still didn’t know much or understand anything about Canada yet, but once I got into high school and began to mature, I understood a lot more. To this day, I understand that where I was and what I knew was not the best. Being brought to Canada has definitely brought a better life for me, and given me a better way of seeing the world than how it would have been for me if I stayed in the place I lived in England.