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And There Goes My Brain II-Epistemology Midterm

Firstly let’s see that this may be a little confusing because I’m just on auto-pilot at the moment but hopefully this all makes sense, I still can’t believe I can still function this far into the semester, and now we’re doing a epistemology midterm! Sooo here we go again at where I think our knowledge comes from. These  are my propositions and premises:


Proposition – We are born with the potential to gain knowledge

So what I mean by this is that, at birth we are given the five (5) senses, for us to be able to experience things in different ways. Such as touch, hear, see, taste, and feel things in the world of many weird things. But we don’t fully know everything just yet. So we use our senses to gain our basic knowledge like, the ability to talk, walk, speak. That means when we’re still young little boys and girls we really don’t know much yet. Until we’ve actually get into the curiosity mode in which we then start to want to try things like wanting to ride a bike, or wanting to learn how to write or read. In which help us develop our senses even more into things like fear, anger, unlike when we were little fetuses we were all just happy or sad, it was more black and white when we were younger. When we try new things to help us develop ourselves and help us develop out knowledge so it creates more shades than black and white. Like for example, athletes and scientists to contrast, athletes. So then this leads me to my premises:


Premise 1 – We are born with five (5) senses

In which I already kind of explained above there, at birth we are given the ability to hear, feel, see, taste, and touch things. So I believe that we are already given a sense of where we already are when we are born. We just couldn’t process it as well as we can now. All in all we were given the five sense for us to go discover the things that are out there in the big wide world we were put into. This premise then is quite easy to grasp (it had to be because there was nothing else to grasp onto)


Premise 2 – Through our senses, we use it to discover basic knowledge

What I mean by this is when we age, and get older and older we discover things that we were too scared to see or do or never knew how to do that certain thing. So like learning how to walk then learning how to run, or learning to speak from looking at everyone else speak, we gain the basic knowledge of speaking. Examples like learning how to ride a bike when explanations and observing, that’s how we gain basic knowledge like these.

Premise 3 – Through our experiences, we then enhance our basic knowledge

SO from my last two premises, I’ve basically said that we gain our basic knowledge from our senses. Now we use our basic knowledge to discover more knowledge. Let’s take a rocket scientist and an athlete to compare. Both of these two people would have to start off at the same route, but as we age and come in familiar with our basic knowledge and figure out our own interest we then use our basic knowledge to pursue that interest. So for rocket scientists they would have to focus on using their basic knowledge of understanding the complications and through practice and time they eventually come to a professional level. Similarly, athletes would too have to go through the same process or figuring out their interest. But for athletes to enhance their knowledge they would have to practice their physicality, and physical ability in order to move on toward enhancing their knowledge from the start.


The Squad who helped me think of this

At first I totally didn’t understand what any of these guys meant what they said in class, but eventually I got a little grasp and then used their ideas to come up with my proposition. The boys are Descartes and Kant, because I totally agree with Descartes that our ideas are inside our minds which we are born with, and then Kant’s theory which took a little longer to try to understand, but eventually i came to agree that knowledge are innate and also out there in the world for us to experience it. Plus I totally agree that knowledge can only be understood but only filtered through our senses.







What in The World are We Doing?

What Were Your Questions Going In

Going into PDO the questions that I had was if we are really here? that was the main type of topic that I wanted to focus on at first but then Mr. Jackson started suggested things then more things and more questions came in my head, so then I thought maybe are there others beside ourselves that can explain and if there were do we believe in it? and then if we are here through fear or emotions or any adversity can our brain still function like they would usually, also would I still be “here” after a certain point in “time”, then that also brings up is there a reason of us being here, and maybe what IF we all looked the same, acted the same, raised the same, went through the same experiences and face the same obstacles and everything, are you realllyyy you? or could anyone be you, or maybe even are you them. Those were basically the questions that I had going in.

What Was Your Plan?

Originally, I had a plan to go to Riverview mental hospital to meditate, most importantly to see if the brain could function if we are feeling “fear” or other feelings. That also testes if our senses could really trusted, because what IF the brain is playing things on you to make sure you don’t find out the answers to any of these questions??? UGHH. BUT even though I had all of that planned out, I eventually ended up going to a forest where I sat next to a river bank flowing through, where which I decided I’m just gonna sit here because it’s sick. So that’s what I ended up doing.

Summarizing What in the World Happened

So, what I got motivated to do what I did was, I was actually on my way to IHOP where it hit me I don’t even need to go to Riverview. Then I just aimlessly drove around Coquitlam for like a half hour thinking about my topic, which then I eventually came upon the playground and remembered there was a lake in the forest, that’s where I then decided to go and meditate. SO I sat there thinking about Descartes and his theory of if I was thinking about something, I’m there and alive. BUT I kind of sat there and thought why in the world are we thinking about these things. and maybe an hour and a bit went by and I still had no idea what in the world I was doing. THEN it hit me like a train wreck, we look too close at things, and the closer we look it seems like the harder the question really is. Which then I finally came to a conclusion of which WE are the ones that create our answers. Things that has been said what is and what isn’t have all been by “HUMANS”. Which then I came to a point in where I feel that Philosophers just come up with conclusions that have a loose ends because they can’t answer that questions either, so the questions that they come up with are such open ended questions I feel is for everyone to help answer it. NOT to question it even more, but to help them come to a conclusion, but because of everyone’s different views we will actually never come to a conclusion and the only answer that we will actually believe in is only the solution that we come up with. Therefore, I believe that we are there, but only really to ourselves and we can’t be certain of anyone else’s existence.



Findings, Discoveries, Artifacts, New Questions?

What my discovery was like I stated above, nothing is really for certain, but the only thing that we are certain of is ourselves. We know that we are there. I have a couple questions that I came up with though, like time, what I mean by that is one time I brought up in class, are we really ever there if after a certain point in time we will die, and eventually be forgotten, then have we really been there? It’s kind of like the same question of if the tree falls and no one is around to hear the sound it makes does it really make a sound.




We Discussed “Things”

During class on Thursday, at first I had a discussion with Jamie, Lyle, Jason, and Ashlee. The main topics that we discussed were things like what’s our reason of existence? or what is our purpose that we were put here, then next we discussed how we know what we know is actually what we know?? theeennn we went on and discussed the makeup of the universe like are we really possible of being here? but there’s more Ashlee and Lyle both brought up the topic of free will and questioned if there’s really free will. Jamie then though goes and questions Descartes and questioned his “logical syllogism proving that God exists”

The new ideas and what these new ideas influenced my inquiry were basically the same as above. After the discussion it left me wondering more and more as i seemed to think about it. It actually made me very intrigued by the fact that we are basically just little things in a huge world.

Some questions that i still have though is where do we seem to get our knowledge from? And how do we know we aren’t living a dream. There were a couple new questions that also came to me during the discussion, things like how do we know we aren’t just a flashback and there’s an older you that is currently dying. Lastly the thing that I want to explore further is knowledge, as in how do we seem to come to conclusion and say what is what it is and what isn’t.

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My Attempt at Descartes hwg

Main Question

Is everything that we seem to think to know is actually what we know?

Well according to Descartes, nothing is what we think we know. Especially physical objects that we seem to think that are there, might not actually be there. but how did he come up with this crazy proposition? I wonder too, but he meditated one day and just randomly went “Oh, I wonder if I am actually here right now” you know just the norm of what everyone do on their spare time. Descartes decided to question our whole existence and questioned if physical objects are actually there.

3 Questions that extends from this

Do we really have senses to prove what we think we are touching, smelling, seeing, tasting are true or real?

Senses have failed us many times, like when you’re walking down a street and thought you saw someone you knew, so you ran up to tap them on the shoulder but it turns out that it wasn’t who you thought it was. Things like this happen all the time throughout the day. Or when we put a stick in a glass of water and the stick looks bents, but the stick isn’t really bent, so our eyes have failed us. Senses have failed us a lot of times and that questions if senses really a thing. The answer tot this question is I’m really not too sure (basically the answer for all of my questions)

Where the senses fail us, reason must step in. – Galileo Galilei
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/g/galileogal377935.html

Are we actually living thing or just matter taking up space in a world of matter?

Back to Descartes we go, and through Descartes’s meditation on philosophy, Descartes answered this question. Through meditation he came to the conclusion that in order for something to think there had to be something there to think. Even though we can’t prove that our physical body is actually there, we can prove that we are something that thinks, so that means that we are at least a living thing.


How do we know we are here living right now?

The way that we can prove we are actually living right now is that we’re all thinking, of something, like the last question it also answered this question. Descartes in the cogito ergo sum said “I think, therefore I am” this proved that we are actually a living thing on whatever we are in.



Rene Descartes

Where to Next

I’d like to explore the study of space and time, just to figure out if we are actually living on a planet or on a little speck of dust under a lamp. Or are we living “Whos” in “Whoville”



She came in like a wrecking ball -MartinNorman

We know before the wrecking of balls for Miley Cyrus, there used to be a Hannah Montana where the wrecking ball now fills the space. The Miley that we used to love, the one that showed us the best of both worlds, and to not care what people think about what you do on beaches with your friends. Miley Cyrus was a very innocent sensational girl that was very successful at what she did, music, her stardom with Hannah Montana, and she was a role model to many young girls. Back in 2006-2011, Miley Cyrus was definitely one of the most popular idolized model that every girl looked up to.Out of nowhere came swinging the wrecking ball after she swung out of sight for 2 years and released her first music back called “Wrecking Ball” which was very controversial at the time. Her image from then was changed from an innocent teen to a crazy party animal that is obsessed with licking hammers. Which I feel that isn’t a bad thing at all, you do you. I’m here to argue that drugs does change your image, not to put down Miley. Here’s why..


Premise 1: Miley Cyrus was a sweet young normal teenager

Premise 2: Most teenagers go through a phase of experimenting things like drugs

Premise 3: Miley Cyrus is a crazy party animal that does drugs

Conclusion: Therefore, excessive drug use turn innocent young teenagers into a big wrecking ball

Evaluating for factually correctness, validity, and soundness

Premise 1: This could be easily agreed on because as a teenager Miley Cyrus was a very innocent girl that seemed perfect to other teenagers, and a lot of teenage girls did idolized her.

Premise 2: This is very true, most teenagers do go through a phase of experimentation and figuring out what is out there in the world. Like why are these adults telling us we can’t do this?? so we go ahead and do it anyways, even though we grow up learning why drugs and things like cigarettes are bad for us we end up doing it anyways.

Premise 3: Miley Cyrus came back to the face of the earth and changed her whole image of an innocent girl to a party animal, she now wears teddy bear costumes instead of a blonde wig on stage. She isn’t afraid to show her true self, she did admit that she now uses drugs like marijuana, molly (MDMA) and other sorts.


Conclusion: The premises that I’ve purposed are factually true, and they are valid because they are in fact factually true, therefore my argument is also sound.

Overall though I really don’t have anything against Miley Cyrus, she is just one of the example that popped into my head. I feel that drugs can change your image to a lot of people, not all, but a lot. It really does start with marijuana, people may say that it really isn’t anything but eventually you’ll want to experiment other things. Like come on, we’re teenagers we don’t listen to anyone but ourselves, and maybe our friends because peer pressure you know. Things happen, through elementary/middle and even up to grade 10 we learn why these things are bad for us, but peer pressure does get the best of us, so don’t give into peer pressure.

Drugs are for idiots, I’m never going to be that person.    -Miley Cyrus