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The intention behind an action


Personal definitions:


  • Focuses on the byproduct and how it is beneficial for a majority.
  • Right and wrong can only be determined by the result and it’s impact on everything.


  • Follows this rule: Good is always good and Bad is always bad.
  • Outcomes cannot be determined to change this rule.
  • One’s actions have more priorities over the outcomes.

In my own morality, I would lean more towards Kant’s Categorical Imperative philosophy, as I believe this preserves the principles concerning the distinction between right or wrong in our society. I agree with Kant’s belief that doing the right thing is something a person should do no matter what the circumstances, so that we actually have an identification of right and wrong actions and we will be able to categorize them accordingly. The intention of one matters more than the actual outcomes. Say that John was very hungry one day at school and he forgot to bring his wallet, so he decided to steal food from the cafeteria when the cashier was busy. However, he doesn’t end up stealing because a teacher was standing right in front of him. In this example, he acted ethically. Even though he didn’t end up stealing, his intention was not morally right. If the teacher wasn’t there, he would have stolen the food. The obstacle he faced didn’t change his real intention, but it just prevented him from achieving it. So basically, in my morality, I believe the intention behind an action is the measure of whether an action is good or bad no matter if the outcome that is wanted happens or not.

Even though I believe there are some good principles in categorical imperative philosophy, I think I make some exceptions in my own morality. For example, say that a guy who’s in a hurry to go to office, looses his compass pass and doesn’t realize it until he gets on the bus and he forgot his wallet at home. From Kant’s perspective, the driver should ask him to pay for his ticket or leave the bus. But in a Utilitarian view, the bus driver has the options to let him stay on the bus, as an act of kindness. However, although this is a good action for this man, in categorical imperative philosophy this would be unfair because it would be an excuse for everyone to stop paying for their ticket, which could lead to a serious problem. In my view, I believe that sometimes exceptions can be made and that situations like this should be allowed as an outcome o understanding from others.





Aesthetic Experience- Sushi Virgin

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How do you define Aesthetic Experience?

We tend to associate this with our personal beliefs and experience. A philosophical way to answer this question would be that It is a study of certain states of the human mind, corresponding to responses, emotions and various attitudes.Whereas a simpler way to answer this would be that it’s basically everything that makes life a lot more worthy and meaningful. It’s the feeling you get when you open a box full of chocolates.

My experiences during the winter break:


Experience 1:

The most wonderful time of the year and there’s no other way to make it more beautiful than spending it with your family and friends. Unfortunately, I didn’t go back to my desert to spend some family time (then I would have missed my first white Christmas) but I did get to catch up with all my friends, which school restrained me from doing during school days. It felt really exceptional as I got to catch up with the talks that were missed, coffee dates, fancy dinners, shopping etc. This break gave me a chance to get closer to the friends that drifted apart during the summer and much more I had a lot of spare time.

Experience 2: 

During this break, I was in and out of almost all the restaurants in Vancouver and I’m pretty sure I gained tons of weight too.When it comes to food I’m always picky but then I thought about changing this habit during this winter break. Basically to train myself to explore different flavours and spices and not sticking to a boring eating habit. My ultimate goal was to adapt to a lifestyle in which I try different varieties of food from all over the world.I saw this as a mission to accomplish. I’m a sushi virgin (I’ve never tried sushi in my whole life until this winter break) mainly because I’m not a rice or a meat person. So I thought about starting this mission by trying some good sushi in town. So my friend Summer and I went to Toshi Sushi in Vancouver the day before Christmas, and I got a California roll ( or something similar)  To be honest I never saw this coming, I always had a bad impression about eating Sushi and never did I ever think I would be able to change this perspective I chose to view on sushi after my first bite of the fresh California roll. It was magical, this might sound stupid! but it truly was. I really liked every bit of it. I can truly compare this experience to Plato’s cave. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone made me realize the things which I wanted to believe were crushed by my reality which made me identify the obstacles and make better decisions in life.



Say Hello to Knowledge.

The most powerful tool we all have is our knowledge that could conquer the world.

   P1:Experience is our main source of knowledge

P2:Time influences what our knowledge means to us by combining with new experiences, and thoughts about old experiences.

Conclusion: Knowledge is our experience filtered through time.

The “know” in the word  knowledge itself describes that it’s something you are aware of through observation, inquiry or information. Knowledge is something you acquire throughout the journey of life. Personally, I believe this life on earth is a preparation to learn and acquire more knowledge in order to do better in life after death. Our experiences tend to be our teacher, which push us along the thin vertical line of life. Knowledge is all in the air, we can gain it anywhere. The learning process in a person’s life never really stops and that’s why knowledge tends to be suspended along our experiences.Time tends to be a great factor that influences our knowledge. The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future as a whole contributes to a lot of our learning through which knowledge is produced. I personally think knowledge can be divided into two categories: Direct knowledge and Indirect knowledge. Indirect knowledge is something that is taught by means of communication, practical understanding of a subject,

example 1: A teacher explaining the class the consequences of Tsunami ( knowledge passed by oral communication) -books and other proven facts

Direct knowledge could be certain life events or experiences that teaches you the natural way to explore your learning and understanding.

Example 2: Victims of Tsunami would have a knowledge about the consequences of tsunami,as they have been there and has experienced it rather than implying.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, time is a major factor which plays a role in the evolution of our knowledge. Mostly by using our old experiences/ knowledge to learn something new, this goes on like a cycle. This is how we grow, explore our abilities, disabilities and make the world a better place to live in. My premises basically focus on our experiences and time that act as a building block of knowledge. My life itself sets an example; I can strongly support my premises by my experiences, my life events that taught me a lot of new things and my knowledge that has shaped me to become a better citizen of the world.




Plato’s Cave: The most adventurous thing I have done.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”- Helen Keller.

Life takes you to many new places, and it is your choice to either achieve your goals or give up. Living in the new middle east for sixteen years was crazy until I moved out. Most people move to a new country with an intention to do something. But for me, I did not have a specific reason to leave home.I have never thought about a world outside Dubai, and it is crazy how I never even thought about moving across the globe just to learn about life.Maybe this would set an example to why I should believe in fate. I was basically stuck up in a cave like the plato’s cave. My life in Dubai was chained to a wall of a cave, Being a sixteen year old then, my life used to be pretty rough, maybe it was just the perspective I chose to view my life or maybe my life really was really rough then. I always used to think that my life would never change, that I would always remain as a sixteen year old. Being a clumsy teenager, I never thought I would really know the meaning of life, Until one day, My mom asked me if I wanted to go to Canada. Living in such a fancy lifestyle and in a desert, moving to North America was a drastic change. There is more to learn in oneself when it comes adapting to an entirely different lifestyle. And I am so glad through this process of learning and adapting I have truly become a different person.This country really changed how I viewed my life. Before I used to think the tall manmade buildings and the golden desert were the most beautiful creations until I chose to step outside my cave and see where my life took me. Throughout the journey of leaving home ( my cave ) I was scared to death as it was such a heartbreak and I did not know if it would be worth all the pain. But then It’s when I stepped out of my cave, I realized that what I thought was my home, was not where I truly where I belonged. This city is unlike any other city, which ever direction I look I see beautiful mountains and trees which gives a bliss of joy. And no matter how shitty a day can go, just by seeing the view outside my window can make me smile. I am very grateful to live in such a wonderful and peaceful country??❤️



Phil’s Day Off: Self deception

Honestly, I think Phil’s day off was really interesting and different from all the assignments we’ve done so far as it gave me an opportunity to go beyond my comfort zone, go out and experience things I usually don’t do.  At first I was blank, I honestly took a whole day to just think about what I was going to do. After thinking for a whole day, I came up with an idea about asking strangers some philosophical questions regarding my topic: Self deception. I thought this would give me an understanding from different perspectives and not only from my point of view. I was actually really nervous as I didn’t know how it would turn out to be, how people would react to my questions and all those sorts of questions rose up and started haunting me for a while. I wrote down three philosophical questions( to make it simpler I gave explanation and examples for each of my questions)m like:

Self deception(definition): The action or practice of allowing oneself to believe that a false or invalidated feeling, idea, or situation is true. Based on this, I’m going to ask you three questions ( Google )

1)- Do you think you can change your past based on this belief? If so how long could someone ignore their reality and believe in something false?
Example- It’s all to do with the human mind, it tends to react immediately to whatever happens. So if you think in a way, past could be something based on how you react to it.

2)- Have you ever had any experiences with dealing your reality with self deception?
(it could be something really ordinary or special)
3)- Personally do you think self deception is a good or bad approach to deal problems in life?

On Sunday, I decided to go to downtown, as I thought I should get out of town and meet some interesting people. My initial plan was to go to some coffee shop and meet people, but then however I ended up going Simon Fraser University. At first, I was totally blank when I met a girl from Hong Kong, I asked her these three questions which I had prepared and wrote down her answers. Corresponding to that, I met two other guys and asked them the same questions and noted down their answers too. At the end, It was beautiful to hear some interesting and very different views about this topic. This really gave me an opportunity to think in other people’s shoe. It gave me an awareness that one’s life experiences teaches us not only to be a better human, but also helps us in every accepts of life. Initially these three students had some struggles answering my questions, but then when they related these questions  to their own experiences they tend to easily answer my questions. Lastly, I would conclude this blog post by thanking Mr.Jackson for coming up with such an amazing assignment




Self Deception

To what extent does self deception impact someone in a negative way?

When an individual begins to ignore the truth, the consequences may be harmful. In a way, one tries to avoid his present reality and believes in something that he imagines as his reality. One might see this as an escape from their life, but this might lead them to a door step to something that could affect their reality. But then it varies depending upon the situation, environment and strategies

Sub questions:

  1. Can someone change their past by self deception?
  2. When does self deception become your reality?
  3. Does being dishonest about your reality change the truth?


 Personal Beliefs:

Self deception is the action or practice of allowing oneself to believe that a false or unvalidated feeling, idea, or situation is true. It is an adaptive capacity of the human mind. It might seem puzzling only if we make two assumptions about the human mind. Personally, I think It’s everything to do with the human mind. if one convinces himself to forget his past and create an entire different story and trains himself to think that way, then you could probably change your past . But then this may not be logical, sound or true.

In self deception, reality could be something you “BELIEVE” that actually exists, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea. It becomes your reality when it reaches the point where the actual truth is entirely replaced by what we are deceived by. At times, this could be seen as a way to adapt to new dilemmas you face in life but also this could mentally as well as physically harm you.

To an extent it would not change the truth as it tends to be something one truly convinces themselves to believe and ignore the truth. Self deception has it’s negative and positive consequences that could be useful for some purposes or it could be seen as an escape to run away from reality. If one accepts self deception then the value of truth will certainly fade away. However, when one chooses self deception over reality, one chooses to live in their own creation of what they believe is reality and they suppress the truth.

The worst of all deception is self deception- Plato

Personal interest: 

I found this topic in the package and it really caught my attention as there was a really good example provided with the text. I have certain self deception experiences which turned out to affect me emotionally and physically. So I thought this would let me elaborate my ideas and learn more about it.







Man’s best friend

“Man’s best friend” is a commonly used phrase which refers to a dog’s relationship of loyalty, trust, close relation and dedication with his master. A dog’s love for his master is so strong that he cannot view any faults or imperfections in him.


Premises 1: Friends who show you firm and constant allegiance or support are your loyal friends.
Premises 2: Dogs show firm and constant allegiance and support
Conclusion: Therefore, Dogs are Man’s best friend


Premises 1: Friends who show you firm and constant allegiance or support are your loyal friends.

An important ingredient to a healthy and long lasting relationship is loyalty. For me, loyalty should have three important elements including respect, honesty, and love. Loyal friends are the ones that show you complete devotion and always loves you for who you truly are. It is kind of true, that as days pass we don’t notice the small changes in our lives, but when we look back one day we tend to see it from a different perspective.And it is very important to know that these people do have an impact in bringing in those good changes in your life. They are meant to hold your back when life pulls you down.I believe it is important to be thankful and appreciate them.


Premises 2: Dogs show firm and constant allegiance and support

Dogs are loving and loyal animals as they have a very special and symbiotic relationship with man throughout history and today.They are very intelligent animals who can sense danger, and can also provide emotional support and care through their love and behavior towards us.


Conclusion: Therefore, dogs are Man’s best friend

Throughout history, dogs have played an important role in man’s life. A good example would be Hachiko a Akita Inu dog, who is remembered for his loyalty and love he had for his master which even went beyond the death of his master for nine long years till the dog passed away. Hachiko used to always wait for his master at Shibuya station to return back from work until one day his master never came back. As he was suffering from fatal brain hemorrhage and would never be able to come back home again. But then that never made Hachiko to give up on waiting for his master, everyday he would wait at the station hoping that one day his master would return. He continued to go to the station everyday for nine years just so that he could see his master again. It is not because Hachiko was an unintelligent dog or he did not know that his master died. But then he could not take the pain of accepting the fact that his master is dead. It is an ugly truth,unbearable for him to accept that he is gone forever. And he never gave up on his hope, he was always a loyal and loving dog. And used to wait at the station until his last breath. These real life stories are a proof to say that dogs are Man’s best friend and they give unconditional love and support to humans. Also this might not be the case with all dogs, as different people have different tolerance towards different types of dog. We tend to be more comfortable and friendly to dogs that we find attractive and cute, whereas some people are uncomfortable around ferocious dogs. Such dogs can be tamed by proper management and training.That would be one way to form a tie with tough dogs. They often have the hearts of gold.Personally, I am so impressed and fascinated when I think about the bond a man and a dog can build and how it can last a lifelong. GRACIAS to all the brave dogs for being Man’s best friend.

                           “Gentlemen of the jury: The best friend a man has in this world may turn against him and become his enemy. His son or daughter that he has reared with loving care may prove ungrateful. Those who are nearest and dearest to us, those whom we trust with our happiness and our good name, may become traitors to their faith. The money that a man has, he may lose. It flies away from him, perhaps when he needs it the most. A man’s reputation may be sacrificed in a moment of ill-considered action. The people who are prone to fall on their knees to do us honor when success is with us may be the first to throw the stone of malice when failure settles its cloud upon our heads. The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him and the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog”- George Graham 


Are the premises true?

yes, throughout history dogs have proven to be loyal to humans and the term Man’s best friend comes from Frederick the great, king of Prussia in 1789, when he described his Italian grey hound as his best friend.

Is this argument valid?

Yes, It is valid assuming the premises are true

Is this argument sound?

Yes, the argument is sound assuming the premises are true and factually correct



philosophy from a different perspective.

Life takes you to many new places, especially the places where you never expected to end up at. Before taking this course I really didn’t know much about philosophy and never did I ever imagine that I would end up taking this course. Before grade twelve my main focus was always on science and math but then as time passed I came into a realization that it wasn’t my thing and I just had to find something really different this year. The main reason why I ended up taking philosophy was because it was one of my admission requirements to post secondary and also I was very curious to know more about philosophy in general. From the very first day in this class, I promised myself that I wouldn’t settle down for just an average grade. I know it’s going to be rough, I’m going to have days where I’m at the edge of giving up on everything and I’m going to have so much pressure. But then I’ve decided that I wouldn’t give up on something I really want and also I have trained myself to view life in an optimistic way to see the opportunities in every difficult situations to accomplish my goals    .

Philosophy can be confusing at times but then you just have to train your mind into deep understanding and thinking of things you believe and you don’t. I pretty much think this class is going to be like a meditation for my mind as  this class is entertaining and cool. And also It’s going to make me built up my communication skills, and as well as my confidence. Throughout our philosophy lectures I came across things which I was never aware of and also the things I strongly agree and disagree. Philosophy makes you to think deep in every aspects of life, teaches you to approach problems from various perspective and finding countless of solutions to every problems you face in life.

“Nanny’s philosophy of life was to do what seemed like a good idea at time, and do it as hard as possible. It had never let her down.” ― Terry Pratchett, Maskerade


This quotes makes a lot more sense now that I ended up being in this class. whatever you feel is right at that moment, is when you know its a real choice even though if it ends up taking you to somewhere else where you are  less likely to end up at. Throughout our classes, I learned how to think more than usual on simple things like love and wisdom. Before our discussion about these topics I really had a simple learning and observation about these topics. It was actually really interesting that everyone had come up with different views on this topic. inspite of being so simple. everyone had so much to share.



I really hope that this class helps me to become a better citizen of the world and help me take better decisions in life. HURRAYYY PHILOSOPHY 12!!!