If I’m memeing and you’re memeing then who is driving the plane?

Hi, my name is Sam, Samson, Samburger, any works. Pronoun wise, I use she/her and/or they/them. This is a blog post about me, and what I think I’m like, and what I hope to accomplish here! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Sometimes I play video games. Sometimes I play too many video games!! It is really a bit of an issue. (Please buy me Splatoon) I like writing, drawing, baking, and the occasional meme aged like a fine wine.

But I mean, aside from that I really do care about the direction the world is heading in. It feels like it’s going downhill at a rapid pace, and for every step forwards we as a collective people make, we take two steps back.


Seriously, this is just what I could find using Google and the most current topics, which isn’t always the best way to find things. But if you were to ask me what’s grating painfully on my mind regarding the state of the world, I can assure you it can go on for hours. It’s just… Exhausting. Sometimes the only thing I can do is numb my brain to the hardships of the world and take some time for myself.

Maybe is a sign of privilege, that I can push aside the problems of the world because they aren’t constantly hurting me. Maybe it’s just a form of self-preservation for whatever sliver of comfort I still have in my brain that the world is a good and loving place.

Also, I care about Psychology a lot. It’s a big part of why I ended up taking this course, really. It’s the logical

extension of the more social aspects of psychology, and being able to tackle the big questions in life can never hurt when I want to spend the rest of my life helping other people cope with theirs. It’s a big picture thing.

As a result, my Philosophy will heavily focus on psychological and social justice aspects and world views. This isn’t any sort of ‘I’m here to say THIS and I will say it, I promise,’ deal, I just know my own tells and personality enough to know it’ll sort of pop out that way.

So far, honestly, Philosophy really seems to agree with me. If we’re going to tackle the hard things in life, we need to discuss them. We can talk about what draws people in…

This gladiatorial element is a challenge for many young philosophers…

Or pushes them out.

…but it seems to put more women off than it does men.

And really, it’s only when we’re willing to talk about the tough stuff (exhausting that it may be,) that we can start asking ourselves why what one person can consider moralistic is considered extremely immoral to others, and where we as a functioning group society draw that line.

Plus, we get to talk about the cool and strange stuff, like aesthetics, and uncanny valley, and all that fun stuff.

And finally, a few testimonials from my friends and family.

“Gay” – Nikki Salandong

“A homosexual meme” – Kiuko Notoya

“2.5 boats” – Ashley Smith

(●ↀωↀ●) See you later fellow philosophers.