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Stealing your man on the astral plane- Benedict Mendes

So, over the weekend for my “Phil’s Day Off”, I attempted to astral project and, boy, was it a strange experience.


Before I go into the details of what happened, let’s start with question I had going in to the attempted astral projection.

1.) Would I even manage to do it?

2.) If I did manage to achieve astral projection, what would I do once in that state?

3.) What would it feel like? What sensations would be involved leading up to and during?

We’ll come back to those later.

My initial plan was to meditate on both Saturday and Sunday for 90 minutes. I would set an alarm for 90 minutes (a relatively quiet one so that I would not be “shocked” out my “astral state”) and lay down on my back on my bed and proceed to try and concentrate enough to achieve astral projection. Sounds wild, right? Well that’s not quite exactly how it went down.

What happened was that I was only able to meditate on Sunday, as I was unexpectedly busy on Saturday. I started by setting an alarm for 90 minutes, then I lay down and proceeded to meditate on my bed, with my eyes closed. Now, I hear some of you typing “So you literally just napped for your Phil’s Day Off” and while it may seem similar, what I did was not napping my good fellows. The goal was to keep the mind alert whilst the body “slept”, inducing the separation of soul from body. I repeated a kind of mantra to myself, it’s a recommended thing to do, to keep myself focused. The “mantra” in question was “I will have a lucid out of body experience”, it’s important to be entirely focused on the goal of the meditation/exercise. Now, I’m going to say right now that I did not manage to actually astral project, but the experience was still odd and unlike anything I’ve experienced before and some interesting things happened.

For starters, for the entire 90 minutes I laid still, my arms were at my side for that whole time. However, for most of the activity, after I got further into the meditation, it felt like my hands were clasped on my chest, one on top the other, it was an odd dissociation of reality and mind, that may potentially not mean much but it’s worth mentioning. Next, when getting close to a state of astral projection, one is supposed to experience “vibrations”. These “vibrations” were mentioned in almost everything I read about astral projection, but were never really explained in detail, it just said that if you were experiencing them it meant that you were getting close. The reason I mention this is because, when I got deep into a meditative state, I began to feel as if something was separating from me. It’s a very difficult thing to describe, which is probably why it’s only vaguely talked about in most articles. The closest thing I can think of to compare it to are sculptures that are optical illusions. The kind of sculptures that initially just look like a bunch of random, unplanned pieces stuck together, but when you look at them from just the correct angle it reveals a cohesive thing or picture. It felt like I was rapidly shifting between the “random pieces” state and the “cohesive thing” state, if that makes any sense at all. I can see why it’s described as vibrations, it’s rapid back and forth and in-between and it’s a very strange feeling. Whenever this started to happen I was acutely aware of it, but soon after it started every time panic would well up in my stomach causing the feeling to dissipate. You’re supposed to be in a completely relaxed state when astral projection, so maybe I wasn’t the best person to attempt it. But nonetheless I carried on and this happened several times. Accompanying these “vibrations” were sounds, a vague low buzzing in my ears, what that has to do with astral projection I don’t know, but it happened.

For the entire exercise my eyes were completely closed, but there were several times when I could physically feel my eyes were closed, but it seemed like they were opening and I began to see the room in detail. Once again, whenever this happened there was a spike of panic and it went away, leaving me to see black once again, but it certainly happened, unless my senses have tricked me, but that’s another metaphysical topic that I won’t delve into. In terms of how long it felt I was meditating for, it felt like I had only meditated for about 30 minutes before the alarm went off. It was strange, I felt like I had so much more time to go yet upon looking at the clock it was obvious that the full amount of time had passed. As a whole, it was a really interesting and enticing experience.


Now, my findings were, well, few and far between. If we go back to the initial questions I had, we can answer some of them.

1.) Would I even manage to do it?

As far as I could tell, I did not manage to astral project.

2.) If I did manage to achieve astral projection, what would I do once in that state?

This question is irrelevant as I did not astral project.

3.) What would it feel like? What sensations would be involved leading up to and during?

Leading up to what may have been the state of astral projection, there were “vibrations”, odd experiences with sight and body, and a low buzzing noise.

But that seems like not enough information, and after the exercise I have even more questions.

4.) How does astral projection or the lead up to it affect time, or one’s perception of it?

If we go off what I felt it was whilst meditating, we could say that time goes faster, but it can’t be proven since I didn’t achieve the end goal of astral projecting. For now it’s just a vague theory.

5.) Are there sub-categories within the self? For example, can the mind have different components to it?

This question is because of the “vibrations” I experienced and the assumption that astral projection is based off of, which is that the soul can operate outside the body. Are there different, small components of each part of the self, “mini selves” if you will, that play a large part in a process like this? Like, if there is a soul what are the components of it?

I am still enamored with the concept of astral projection, although I didn’t manage to make it happen in this case. I want to look into it further, and it will be something I’ll probably do on my own time. Maybe I’ll get some answers to these questions.

For my artifact I chose an amethyst crystal that I’ve had for a long time. In some of the more spiritual and one could say “hippie” articles I read, quartz crystals can help speed up the vibrations leading to astral projection and protect your vulnerable body while you are in that state. Amethyst is a kind of quartz, and I chose this because it is an artifact that relates closely to the subject of astral projection, and by mere coincidence it was on my bedside table, right next to me as I was meditating. Whether or not that helped me experience the “vibrations” that I did is not strictly provable, but it represents my attempt to astral project and the experiences I had whilst doing so.

That’s pretty much it for my thoughts and research on astral projection, remember guys, stay safe and always use a quartz crystal! (Also if you come across Dormammu I wouldn’t recommend striking up a conversation, fair warning)

Sources: http://uk.iacworld.org/how-to-astral-project-for-beginners/

10 effective techniques for experiencing an OBE



“Mom, Dad…… I’m an astral projection” -Benedict Mendes

So, on Thursday we had our class discussions with several different people about our topics, and there is infinite variety between all of us. I’m fascinated by how many possible things you could go into under the umbrella of metaphysics, but for now I’ll just talk about what new ideas were revealed to me that are related to astral projection.


First, one of the questions I got a lot as I was discussing was “what do you appear as on the astral plane?”.

I did not, and still do not, really have an answer. Some sources say that you simply appear as your physical self appears, others say that you appear as a kind of “ideal” form of yourself, what you want to strive to be. This is an interesting question and something I definitely want to look into. I’ve always assumed you simply appear as your physical self except that you are allowed to transcend the barriers that your physical form presents. But I have to do more looking into this.


Another discussion I had was whether astral projections were related to dreams or not. This is very interesting and kind of a vague area. See, dreams can sometimes be said to be involuntary OBEs (out of body experiences), and since astral projecting is simply a conscious OBE then there must be some kind of relation, although of what nature I don’t know. To me, it seems that they cannot be classified under the same umbrella, because if they were in fact quite that similar, then lucid dreaming would be equivalent to astral projecting, but it is not. In a lucid dream you are able to do whatever you wish, including things that are not possible such as growing wings and flying. Astral projection is still bound by some kinds of laws, and you are not free to do whatever you wish. It takes a great deal of concentration to maintain an astral projection but dreaming is involuntary, they happen whether you control them or not and can be lucid or not, there are many more variables. They may be similar, but I don’t think that they’re quite the same.


The last kind of thing I wanted to touch on was “Can you be hurt on the astral plane?” and “What is the interaction between the astral plane and the physical plane?”. Well, for the former, during astral projection you are supposedly able to interact with other astral beings, much like two physical beings would interact in the physical world. Also supposedly, if your soul were to be eradicated in some way during astral projection, you would die. So if somehow you were to get into an altercation with an otherworldly being on the astral plane and lose, presumably you could just die on the physical plane as well. Now, in terms of interaction between the physical and astral planes, from what I’ve seen it takes a great amount of force from a being on the astral plane to interact with the physical world. Say, if I, during astral projection, were to barrel across a classroom at as high a speed as I could muster, I would probably only make a few papers fly around, kind of like a poltergeist. This was also discussed in my previous blog post. While astral projecting it is also said that you are able to alter and manipulate the thoughts of others, though how that is done I’m not sure. But this does imply some kind of interaction with the physical world, or maybe even interaction between the “souls” of two people.

But that’s basically what I discussed with my classmates, and I would’ve loved to talk much more but even though time isn’t real it still kinda dictates how long the school day is so kinda got hecked there. Tune in next blog post where I literally try to astral project myself into the ether.



I’m gonna astral project myself into the sun – Benedict Mendes [WARNING: Mild Dr. Strange spoilers may or may not be in this post]

Okay, so for my big Metaphysics topic I decided to look into, you guessed it, Astral Projection. Now, many believe this to be a big hoax and generally quite silly, but this is because of the way it’s presented in current media. Often people use crystals to “speed up their vibrations” when astral projecting, which sounds quite ridiculous and it probably is, but I’m not talking about that branch of it. I’ll be talking about what astral projecting would mean for “the self” and in relation to space and time. So, this is my big question:

How does astral projection relate to the self, and space-time?

Of course, this question is quite vague, so I’ll be using some sub-questions to hopefully reach the goal of answering that big question. These are my sub-questions:

What exactly is astral projection?

How would astral projection divide the self?

How would one travel through space and time using astral projection?


Well, if we look at astral projection very broadly, it has been mentioned in many, many cultures and religions around the world. There are many different variations, but at it’s core astral projection is said to be an OBE

(out of body experience) that is usually willful and controlled. It can be seen as a form of telepathy, and one is thought to be able to manipulate another’s thoughts whilst astral projecting. It is basically the separation of spirit from the body. Forms of astral projection can be researched in many societies and cultures, The West, China, Japan, India, Ancient Egypt, and even The Bible all have examples of astral projection at some point. Now, astral projection of course begs the question, if I am astral projecting and I see my body before me as if it is not my own, do I really have a body? Is it my body? Well, this differs, but generally in terms of astral projection a human is divided into three parts. These parts are mind, body, and spirit/soul respectively. The body and spirit are two separate things that, from what I’ve seen so far, are only linked by the mind. The mind is what links the soul to the body and allows it to return to the body after astral projecting, so that you’re not stranded in the enth dimension for all of eternity. This is only a rough look at it though, and I’ll delve deeper into this topic in the future. There’s also an important distinction that must be made within the concept of astral projection. One can project on the “astral” plane, or the “etheric” plane. Etheric refers to our physical world as it is now, when performing etheric astral projection you will supposedly only experience the universe as it is at that moment. Astral refers to some kind of transcending of time and space. There have been reports of people claiming to visit past civilizations and old, long destroyed places, these would be examples of what I’m going to call for now, “true” astral projection (I don’t really have another term for it at the moment). Basically, while “true” astral projecting one is able to travel through time as well as space through some form of time-space manipulation, the exact “how” of it is still lost on me at the moment.


The most prominent representation of astral projection in popular media at the moment is actually in the recently released movie “Dr. Strange” by Marvel. Seeing this movie is actually what inspired me to research this topic, because I found it infinitely interesting (also these are the spoilers I warned you about so turn away now if you must). In the movie astral projection is seen as a way for the spirit to travel through space and perhaps through certain dimensions, though that is unclear in the movie. Of course this movie deals with it in the comic book sense so it may not be true to what has been recorded in human history, but it’s a good place to start. Whenever a character astral projects in the movie, time seems to slow down drastically, although this is inconsistent, indicating that there is a way to willfully manipulate time whilst you are in the astral plane. In the movie, the interaction one’s projection can have with the physical world is also unclear. It seems to have a kind of “poltergeist” rule, where one cannot “touch” objects on the physical plane, but can move them through great force of some sort. Again, this is only in a Hollywood movie so perhaps the sourcing is unreliable.


The philosophic school of thought that this lies in is called Theosophy. Theosophy explores mystical and occultist answers to the many questions of the universe. This is particularly so in the fields of the origin of the universe and the nature of divinity. It’s an incredibly interesting school of thought, I don’t know if it exactly fits in with what I believe currently but I am willing to explore it for the purposes of this research, and I’m really excited to do so. Many scientists have actually looked in to the credibility of something like astral projection, even conducting experiments. The results on the whole have been mixed, and I will certainly look into those experiments in more detail later on. This might take more than just three blog posts, but oh well, it’ll be interesting at least.


In conclusion, for the next while I’ll be researching astral projection and how it affects the self and space-time. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn how to astral project myself along the way (although you’re supposed to be relaxed while attempting it and since I’m never relaxed probably not).

Dr. Strange (2016)