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Epistemology Discussion: History of Knowledge 11.06.13


With pencast notes provided by Julie and the Livescribe pen.



Epistemology Discussion: Perception, Reality and What Can Be Known 11.01.13


With visual notes embedded with the audio from the Livescribe Pen here, as well.

Thanks to Tom Fullerton for joining us today!



Who contributed positively to your study of Metaphysics?

Who do you think contributed to your study of Metaphysics?

Who do you think contributed to your study of Metaphysics?

A few highlights from the Metaphysics unit reflection completed yesterday:

Who do you think contributed positively to your group conversations?

…because the group was small and we were in a low-pressure environment, all of us were able to comfortably share our ideas to the best of our abilities. We all learned a lot from every idea shared, and the conversation greatly augmented my understanding of metaphysics.

Julie and Lazar helped me understand what exactly is metaphysics and cleared up a lot of questions that I had. With their examples and ideas i was able to start generating my own and succeed in the subject.

Katherine really helped brighten our conversations and bring more perspectives.

Both Aidan and Aman had insanely good points and ideas that they brought to each and every group discussion. They each explained their philosophers and their own ideas on the topics that were discussing at the time so thoroughly and descriptively that it really helped me learn more about my own philosopher and my own ideas just by listening to them. Other discussions happened outside of class with both of them as well, through the blog and also more direct conversations as well.

I believe that Katherine contributed positively to my group conservation by being able to eloquently share what she’d learned and by helping the rest of us fully discover what we learned. She was also very encouraging and helped us fully process what we’d learned.

I think Julian tried just a little bit harder to understand, always pausing to clear things up if there was confusion. He also went a step further trying to connect our ideas together.

Indirectly, Confucius. Directly, Kristina. Confucius and his theories allowed me to present a different side of each question that my group and I may not have thought of before. Kristina, although sick for most of the activity, came back with raw Kristina input and was able to stand back from the conversation and tie it all together.

Andrea was the firestarter to our conversations as she brought her insight and well interpreted personal experiences of her journey to answer the thematic questions. 

Ayden, in the time she had spent to tell us about her experiences, opened up potential options of expressing our general theme.

Everyone always had something to talk about and no one came unprepared.