Jess’ Phantasmagorical Philosophy Final

My prezi isn’t embedding again, so I shall instead link it here and the script/lyrics/words are below:

What is philosophy?
Philosophy is the study of ourselves 
So place our races on the shelves of humanity
It’s insanity to call ourselves equal
What is equality if not pulling the hijab from your head
Because not doing so means winding up red in the streets of Australia
It’s alien to me that in 2015 people still have to march to be free
What is equality but people telling me my father doesn’t look very Chinese,

Four months ago I sat there, asking you to compare faces
Because race is the deciding factor in all of our lives
But we can’t all be colour blind
Rank ourselves by the tone of our skin
Let’s begin.

I’m the Mixed Up Files of a childhood
Propelling me towards the idea that
Being a person means choosing one title or
The other.
What philosophy means is finding our label
It’s a fable that we construct who we are
We get farther if we’re the main character
But tear at the notion that those around us
Simply occupy space
Whatever happened to the Human Race?
Let’s face it.
We suck.

Pluck yourself from your body
Call shotty on the passenger seat of a day in the life of someone else
The hand you’re dealt is all you have
Navigate your way out of the boxes you were placed in
Ignore the din of people calling you anything but your name
Because philosophy is not about ourselves

Delve into the consciousness of those around you
The view is nice inside their head
Spread yourself out
Don’t doubt that everyone else is human too
It’s true our thirst for knowledge is what drives us
Poised on the cusp of what is to come
Don’t run out of questions for who you are
You won’t get far if you bleed dry
Have a backup supply of quandries and ponders
Wander away from the idea that humanity is a herd waiting for a master
Cast your follower ideas away
Because hey.
Have hope.
Tie a rope to the idea that
We are not all the same
But don’t forget your names
(Jess, biracial, girl, student)

It’s prudent
That we ask who we are
Carve the words ’til they scar
Because they do
It’s true we don’t choose our own fate
Brought anew with a silver spoon
or cast aside not worth our weight
In gold or in lead
You dread the day when someone says
“What are you?”
Because to ask yourself the same
Becomes a daily game
Of labeling the world which represents you best
Who Are We?

We are the titles we’ve been handed
Branded forever by society
Propriety tells me not to question the quo
So take pride in your rank
It’s the plank that you stand upon
As the ocean wind brushes by
Say your goodbye’s to the naysayers and threats
Deal out your debts
And take a step back,
Remove your rose-coloured glasses
The last thing on your mind
Should be an appeal to the masses
Ask yourself what to do as you start over again
Because What is Philosophy?
Just a means to an end.

Actually, something that I think shows my growth is this random parallel, which is comparing my first and last prezi. I didn’t realise they were the same template until I was halfway through but hey. If it works.

I think that, looking through my tag, some of my best examples of growth are the posts where I tried to tackle issues which I had never learned about before. My first post about nothing and my theory on Epistemology were especially difficult because I had never really thought on the issues that I tackled. Interestingly, I didn’t think that my post on Ethics was one of my better ones because although I tried to make it as non-argumentative as possible, I’ve always had some kind of a position on abortion, so I didn’t have to research it as much as I did for Epistemology or ‘Nothing’, so I don’t feel as though it showed as much growth as my other work.

I googled ‘Language’ and found this fun and informative image from

My favourite post that I made was my ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ post about the various protests and riots that were going on globally. I felt that, not only was it relevant to life, philosophy, and current events, but I had to do a ton of excess research to actually know what I was talking about, and I felt like I put some of my best effort into making that post a good one, if only because I thought (and still think) that it is relevant.

With certain posts I made (On feminism, protests, abortion, and my slam poem above) I tried to make them more relevant to real life, or rather: I tried to get people to connect philosophy to their everyday life, and I hope I was successful in this endeavour, because I know that I connected a lot of what we did in Philosophy to my everyday life (even if it is just contemplating aesthetics on my walk home). I think that these are the best ways of using philosophy in the future, because to take current events and view them through the lens of a philosopher is always important, especially in regards to Ethics, Logic, and Social & Political Philosophy. In this way, I hope to be able to use what I’ve learned, but I also think that just in general, Philosophy has already been able to permeate my everyday life because it helps me see things differently, and from angles that I’ve never thought of before.

If I were to do it over again, I would probably comment more on other people’s posts, because I know that I enjoyed getting comments on my posts, yet I didn’t comment as often as I would have liked. One of the comments which I was actually quite proud of was the one I posted in response to the question of systemic misogyny, because I thought that the discussion that blossomed from it on harassment and women feeling safe was one of the (if not the) best discussion we’ve had all year (save for Kelsey’s thought experiment). I enjoyed the chance to talk about my own experiences and hear others, because it also contributed to my knowledge, and I think that I’ll use what I learned in that discussion in future. ((Sidenote, I also enjoyed the discussion that Avery, Vincent and I had on my Theory of Epistemology post))

On the whole, I’ve really enjoyed this class, and to say that it was just good would be a gross understatement, so thank you to my classmates for being amazing and making me feel as though I can share my opinions on everything and thank you to Mr Jackson for a) scoring Mr. Findley’s classroom and b) being a fabulous teacher/teaching a fabulous course.